Bot Prioritizer

A simple tool: With it you can select areas with work orders for robots (constructions, deconstructions, upgrades) to try to give your personal robots priority over your base robots by re-issuing the orders. Because who likes to wait until the base robots finally arrive?!

5 days ago
17 days ago
Latest Version:
0.2.1 (5 days ago)
Factorio version:
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Bot Prioritizer 0.2.1

A mod to help with building things quicker

Have you ever stood in front of a large blueprint that is going to be built or things to be upgraded with all the necessary things in your pocket and your personal robots ready to go, but nothing happens because the base robots took the job and are on their long, long way?
Or have you ever deconstructed a few things to quickly place them somewhere else but the base robots took everything far away into the central logistics storage?

Then this mod is for you! With this tool you can select entities and try to reissue the work orders, so that your personal construction bots can take over!

What's being provided by this mod?

This mod provides the ability to reassign/'reprioritize'/reissue jobs to your personal robots.
You have the options to

  • Use a Selection Tool that doesn't have to be researched or crafted, or to
  • just reassign jobs in your personal roboport construction area directly (Direct Selection) or
  • if you're as lazy as a Factorian usually is, you can let to jobs be reassigned continuously (Auto-Mode)!

You can choose between these options in the mod settings on the "Per player" tab:

(Settings of version 0.2.0. If you hover over the option name on the left, there are little descriptions of the options.)

How to use the mod?

After installing the mod, there are two ways to use it:

  • You can click the shortcut button located next to the quickbar here:

  • Or you can use the keyboard hotkey, which defaults to CONTROL + D:

Each of the two options will either activate the selection tool or do the reprioritization right away, depending on the mod settings.

If you have set the mod to use the selection tool, the cursor will show the mod icon and if you click-and-drag to select an area there will be a purple border.

After making a selection, the mod will reissue the construction/deconstruction/upgrade commands for the selected entities, so your personal robots will get a chance to take over the job.
Those poor base robots will turn around and go back and put their things back into storage.

It will work on:

  1. Entity Ghosts/Construction Orders
  2. Deconstruction Orders
  3. Upgrade Orders
  4. Item Request Slots (Modules, Fuel, ...)

Caveats/Known issues/Things under construction

  • Robotports on vehicles (train, spidertron, car, ...) currently aren't supported. To prioritize work orders in range of a Spidertron use the selection tool and disable the inventory checks in the mod settings.


Credit where credit is due:

  • Thanks to reddit users u/Thinkingwithportals1, who posted the thread and u/DerUwe whose comment sparked the idea to make a mod out of "undoing" build orders.
  • Nilaus, who streams over at and makes excellent YouTube videos, for the original method that also inspired this mod!
  • Thanks to Panterh3art for suggesting a automatic mode.
  • A very special thanks to aaron311! They helped me a lot and have been (and are) a great sparring partner for various issues, like the Auto-Mode of 0.2.0.
    Most importantly aaron311 created a very similar mod a while back, check it out! It's called TacticalConstruction.
  • Thanks to Optera for the idea that made handling upgrades possible.
  • Thanks to Nexela for taking the time to refactor and improve my code when I asked for advice!
  • Thanks to Theanderblast. I shamelessly copied a few things from his Max Rate Calculator mod because I had no idea how to add such a tool into the game.