The Blueprint Designer Lab

Enter your lab to design your blueprints. Minor quickfix suggested by 4M_Peri

9 months ago
9 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.4 (9 months ago)
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4.14K users

Enter your lab to design your blueprints

Adds a way to enter a blueprints lab so you have a test bench for your blueprints. There is unlimited item creators so you can test the build with ores and such, and free items to place your blueprints directly on the lab.

This is a quickfix typo correction to fix the crash when leaving the editor with something in your cursor. No other changes made, no updated planned.

Known issues:

The mod is incompatible with the use of the sandbox scenario : the player does not exist in the game and when you try to enter the lab it will cause an error.

The mod is incompatible with the usage of the ingame command /editor : if you try to enter the lab with the editor enabled you will get an error because the player gets removed. If you use the command from inside, any terrain tiles that you add wont get removed.

The mod is incompatible with the Brave New World Scenario: same problem as above.

The lab now prevents players from using the gui if there is no "body" on the player like on /editor and the Brave New World Scenario": so it does not crash the game, thanks to minno for the fix.

There is another alternative, the edit blueprint mod made one of the devs: that uses the ingame /editor command as a base.

Thanks to them for keeping the mod alive:
With the help of we are mantaining the mod now! Thanks to him also!