This mod allows you to route belts and pipes automatically: 1. Put the starting belt and ending belt on ground first, 2. then select the starting belt with ctrl+right-click and 3. select a ending belt with ctrl+left-click. 4. Boom, belt ghosts are created!

2 years ago
1.0 - 1.1


How do I use this mod?

Check the home page for more information:

Key bindings conflict with other operations/I want to change key bindings?

You can go to Settings -> Control -> Belt Router to change key binding.

How can I contribute to/read the source code?

You can download the source code from my Github page:

  1. This is the "Library" of BeltRouter mod, which includes part of the path finding components and other utility classes.
  2. This is the BeltRouter mod itself.

The Lua code is well documented and supports type hint through EmmyLua plugin

Catch a bug?

Open a new thread in

Want to support this mod?

Please give this mod a star on GitHub page :)

What exactly is the greediness setting?

Greediness, in an easy and general way of saying, is "Compare to the optimal shortest path, how much longer at maximum do you accept the path finer to find."

So 1.1 greediness equals accepting path that is 10% longer than optimal path, and less equal than 1 greediness equals to only accepting optimal path.