Auto Deconstruct

by mindmix

This mod marks drills that have no more resources to mine for deconstruction.

a month ago
0.13 - 1.1

b Compatiblilty issue with larger drills

11 months ago

I am currently experimenting with the update that adds pipes following deconstruction of drills with fluids. However, there appears to be a blind spot with larger custom drills in other mods.

For example, there are mods like Pyanodon that use Crystal Mines which are physically bigger than the standard 3x3 drill. When Auto Deconstruct targets these larger buildings for deconstruction, the mod builds the same 2x3 pipe formation which doesn't connect to anything.

Would it be possible to request a larger connecting pipe formation to match larger buildings?

11 months ago
(updated 11 months ago)

It should be possible to check the drill's size and then create additional pipes if required, might take a while to implement since I am mostly working on getting my own mods cleaned up and released at the moment.

  • Do you know if all larger drills have centered + symmetric fluid connections (excluding the output side) ? It would be very annoying having to check for asymmetric connections.
  • Can you provide names of example mods with bigger drills for testing?

Kind regards, Nicolas

11 months ago

All the larger drills I've seen have three fluid I/O points at the centers of the three non-output sides.

Space Exploration has a Big Mining Drill, which is 5x5. For extra complication, both the Electric Mining Drill and the Big Mining Drill sometimes need to be replaced with space pipe, not normal pipe.
Industrial Revolution 2 has a 5x5 Electric Mining Drill and a 7x7 Advanced Mining Drill.

11 months ago

the space-pipe issue might be a bit tricky, larger drills should be possible.

10 months ago

... in fact it was the opposite:
- Space pipes is implemented (just waiting for confirmation and integration from mindmix: )
- larger drills is a bit annoying since the values for the fluid connection point don't really make sense in my head yet, also for a very large drill it would be nice to use UG pipes... no fix yet

9 months ago
(updated 9 months ago)

I have refactored the pipe building to use the prototype-pipe-connectors to create the pipe ghosts.

This required quite a lot of changes in the code and there are also 1-2 lines I am not to confident in (but I also don't intend to spend more time on it)

You can download a test version with the changes at

I would appreciate if you tested it with various non-vanilla-drills.

You can use this script to create ore fields for testing:
/c local surface = game.player.surface;for y=-2,2 do for x=-20,20 do surface.create_entity({name="uranium-ore", amount=1, position={game.player.position.x+x, game.player.position.y+y}}) end end

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