Asteroid Mining

by Silari

Allows sending rockets into space to mine for asteroid bits, which can be refined into raw materials for infinite ores. Includes all 5 vanilla ores, plus Bob's Ores and Angel's support. Now with partial Krastorio 2 support. Advanced Mode (in beta) allows generating resource patches for mining using gathered materials, with rates based on the ore generation settings of the surface. Support for multiple surfaces is included, along with Space Exploration support.

9 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
3 years ago
Latest Version:
0.9.15 (9 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
16.2K users

A different kind of infinite ore mod. Allows sending a new space mining drill in rockets into space to mine for asteroid chunks, which can be refined into resource chunks which are further refined into ore. The average return is slightly higher than the cost to send a rocket, thus allowing generation of infinite resources. This does not include oil, water, or power, as those are already available in infinite amounts in vanilla.

There are also resource specific mining drills, which mine asteroid chunks of a single resource type, though slightly less overall resources per rocket than the mixed asteroid type. This version may not be sustainable due to the efficiency loss! However, all five vanilla resources can be obtained this way - iron ore, copper ore, coal, stone, and uranium ore each have their own miner module. This allows supplying an entire factory setup, including power, though coal liquefaction may not provide enough oil to be independent of outside supply.

The resource costs are balanced for vanilla Factorio, both normal and expensive mode. Bobs mods has partial support - specifically Assembling, Electronics, Logistics, Metals, Mining, Modules, Ores. Only Electronics, Modules, and Metals actually affect rocket costs, and should be accounted for in normal and expensive mode.

Angel's Mods have very partial support - the new ores are included; the sortable ores if Refining is installed, flourite if Petrochem is installed, and platinum, manganese, and chrome ores if Smelting is installed. The asteroid chunks results have NOT been rebalanced however.

Now includes ores from Dark Matter Replicators, Omnimatter, Simple Silicon, and Sulfur if it has been added as a resource. Mixed asteroids are not rebalanced for these mods other than Simple Silicon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rocket costs are calculated without the use of any productivity modules. In Vanilla, with just 4 level 1 modules in the silo you can save over 20000 ore, greatly increasing the profit margin per launch. This can make the launches profitable even in non-supported mod configurations!

Version 0.9.1 is compatible with Seablock Mod Pack 0.4.10. One rocket gives roughly 50,000 ore, which can vastly simplify some ore production (like chrome!). Note that Chrome is needed to create the rocket silo in the first place, so you will need to build the production chain anyway.

0.9.3 adds partial Krastorio 2 support. There are resource modules for imersite and rare metals, and the amount of chunks for resource specific modules has been adjusted to be in-line with the resource cost of a rocket, including oil. The mixed asteroid is NOT currently balanced however.

Version 0.9.8 added Advanced Mode which is currently in beta. Rockets with a mining module now continually collect resources in orbit which can be sent to the surface to spawn resource patches near an Asteroid Targeter. Resource rates are calculated based on the resource generation settings of the surface - resources which can not spawn on the surface can not be gathered by miners. Any non-infinite, non-fluid, 1x1 size resource should be supported. Supports Space Exploration, limiting max resources per minute based on planet/moon size. Orbits, asteroid belts, and special surfaces do not allow gathering resources.