Live in constant fear of your factory burning down. A forest isn't the only thing you can set on fire now. This mod makes some flammable stuff like coal on belts burn! Some items will even explode!

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Combat Fluids
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Burn down your factory!

This mod will make a lot of things in your factory flammable and even explosive.

Damaged oil tanks are more likely to catch fire!
Be careful routing your belts, flammable items can cause a chain reaction.
Now that's an OSHA violation!

Some details

Items like coal, wood, rocket fuel, flamethrower ammo, normal ammo, explosives, oil barrels etc. will spread fire on belts, some will cause small explosions.
Chests with flammable / explosive items can catch fire when their hp falls below 100 (configurable) and upon destruction can explode. Some items will cause a fireball upon explosion (mainly liquids like oils, rocket fuel etc.)
Fluid tanks as well as fluid wagons can catch fire when their hp falls down enough. If they contain crude/light/heavy oil or petroleum gas they will explode with a small fireball.
Cargo wagons carrying flammable/explosive items behave similarly to how chests do in a fire.
Since bitters can't really start fires, there is a small chance that destroying a power pole will start a fire :D
Explosion and fireball sizes all depend on the amount of items / fluid inside or on a belt.

PVP might be fun with this :P

Mod compatibility

Modded items will be flammable if their ingredients are flammable. This can result in some items that shouldn't catch fire, catching fire.
Please report any modded items that you think shouldn't catch fire.

For mod makers

The github repo readme has details on how to manually make your modded items and fluids flammable or explosive