Alternative Steam

Adds new steam generation options.

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Some additional means of generating steam.

Electric Boiler

  • Uses electricity to generate 165°C steam
  • Consumes up to 4.2MW of power

Electric boilers are designed to produce steam from solar power for storage or transport, or in the case of coal liquefaction, where 500°C steam would be wasted. They can produce up to 100 steam/second, enough to supply ten oil refineries processing coal. Recommended for use with Steam Cracking.

Oil-fired Boiler

  • Burns heavy oil, light oil, or petroleum gas to generate steam
  • Different oil products have different energy values:
    Heavy oil: 0.75MJ
    Light oil: 1.5MJ
    Petroleum gas: 1.0MJ
  • Otherwise identical to standard boilers

Power Plant & Oil-fired Power Plant

  • Burns normal fuels (wood, coal, solid fuel, etc) or oil products (heavy/light oil, petroleum gas) to generate heat
  • Heat can be used to generate 165°C steam in low heat exchangers
  • Maximum temperature of both buildings is 450°C
  • Halved pollution output, +25% efficiency

The power plants are higher-efficiency burner power producers. They have a hefty energy investment at first, but will gradually pay off in the long run with lower total pollution and improved energy efficiency, and do not endlessly consume fuel like a nuclear reactor will. They cannot be used to generate high-temperature steam, that is reserved for the nuclear reactor.

A single power plant by itself can supply enough heat for six low temperature heat exchangers, which can supply four steam engines each, for 21.6MW of generating capacity. Oil-fired power plants have different generating capacity depending on the fuel used, producing 16.2MW, 32.4MW and 21.6MW of heat for heavy oil, light oil and petroleum gas respectively. Low temperature heat exchangers can be connected on a nuclear-powered heat line to produce 165°C steam as well.