Alternative Starts

by Vas

Gives you some options for some alternative starts, use Mod Settings to select which one you want otherwise you will default to base game start.

11 months ago
0.16 - 0.18
3 years ago
Latest Version:
0.5.3 (11 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.18
4121 times

This mod gives you a choice in your loadout when you start the game. Options between base game and super uberly easy game. I'll try and list some stuff below. In the 0.17 version, it also enables you to add extra stuff to your start by typing in their codes and such into the input.

Choose Mining Equipment:
Base: Burner Drill, Stone Furnace
Electric: Electric Drill, Medium Pole, Stone Furnace
Easy Electric: 2 Electric Drills, 5 Medium Poles, 3 Stone Furnaces
Mega Electric: 4 Electric Drills, 20 Medium Poles, 6 Stone Furnaces
Epic Electric: 8 Electric Drills, 4 Substations, 10 Electric Furnaces

Combat Starting Gear:
Civilian: Pistol, 10 Ammo
Soldier: Submachine Gun, Shotgun, 20 Pierce Ammo, 20 Pierce Shotgun Ammo
Rambo: Submachine Gun, Flamethrower, Combat Shotgun, 100 Uranium Ammo, 50 Flame Ammo, 50 Pierce Shotgun Ammo

Power Options:
Steam: Offshore Pump, Boiler, 10 Pipes, Steam Engine
Solar: 6 Solar, 3 Accumulator, 2 Substations
Super Solar: 12 Solar, 6 Accumulator, 4 Substations
Insane Solar: 24 Solar, 12 Accumulator, 8 Substations

Easier Start Options:
Resources: 46 Iron Plate, 50 Copper Plate
Power Armor: Modular Armor, Shield, Night Vision, Battery, 7 Solar, 1 Exoskeleton
Research Equip: Lab, 50 Automation Pack, 50 Logistic Pack, 50 Chemical Pack

4 for each setting.

Basic: Robo Port, 10 Logi Bot, 2 Construction Bot
Lots: Robo Port, 25 Logi Bot, 5 Construction Bot
Too Many: 2 Robo Ports, 50 Logi Bot, 10 Construction Bot
Too Many ++: 4 Robo Ports, 100 Logi Bot, 20 Construction Bot

Modular Option: Change all robo ports into modular options. Too much to list.

Add Chest Option: Adds various logistical chests based on the chosen option of robots.

Add a car:
Car: Car, 5 Solid Fuel
Tank: Tank, 5 Solid Fuel
Train: Locomotive, 2 Wagon, 1 Fluid Wagon, 50 Solid Fuel, 300 Rail, 2 Train Stop, 20 Signal, 20 Chain Signal

Start with the amount of landfill that you want.

Note: For the time being, I've deleted the language portion of the mod, since it as English only anyway.

Also, because I don't know how to do migrations, I don't know how to save your previous settings before an update, now that I changed setting names and such. This won't hurt games that have already started, but if you host multiplayer with this mod and update the mod, you will need to set the settings again. I wanted to put this in the change log, but the change log file refuses to show up in game if you do anything at all different from what the devs did because apparently the devs love to force you to use their exact preferred methods of everything. They hate giving options.

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