Alien Goop Cracking deprecated

by Dustine

Adds oil-like sprouts that can be drained and processed into Alien artifacts (and cotton candy!). These sprouts only spawn below alien spawners, and quite rarely at that, so get to exploring! Now with support for Bob's Artifacts and Angel's Bioprocessing, er, process!

6 years ago

g Looks cool

6 years ago
(updated 6 years ago)

Cant wait to try it out alongside Alien_Waste_Refining mod as it looks like they can both compliment each other :)

6 years ago

and it's brilliant :)
works a treat with the Alien Waste Refining mod too...

first i clear a biter base,
and out of 8 base spawners,
3 have some goop to extract,
and all have some generic Alien Waste (from the AWR mod)
and overall i get about 0.4 x2 and 0.3 goop yield with pumps. :)

6 years ago

Glad you liked it! Interesting that you can mix both mods, specially for an early boost.

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