Watered Air Purifier

by darthun

Adds an Air Purifier building that transforms pollution into dirty water.

3 months ago
0.17 - 1.1
1 year, 9 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.9 (3 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
1134 times

Welcome to the Watered Air Purifier mod.

Author : Darthun
contact: contact me on the factorio Discord or Steam ! I'm always open to suggestions. If you edit the mod for your server, I'm always curious to know what needed changing for balancing or convinience.
License: Free to use as long as credit as creator is given to darthun. Mention in videos and stream. Provide links here instead of download link. Please contact me if you want to edit, we can discuss and maybe merge into the official mod.
Version: 0.1.8

Type: Mod
Name: Watered Air Purifier

Description: Transforms pollution into effluent water. If you mine or destroy any effluent containers, it releases the pollution back in the air with a cool animation. You can transform effluent into clean water again in a chemical plant. 2 different researchs needed.

- Air Purifier machine that cleans the air
- Transforms pollution into effluent fluid
- if you destroy effluent fluid, it releases the pollution back in the air in a purple smoke cloud.
- Upgradable Air purifier with air filters
- Adds 3 researchs ( air purifiers, filters, effluent cleaning)
- Effluent barrels ( move pollution around ? how cool is that !)

Release: 2016-may-23

Tested-With-Factorio-Version: 0.17.79

Category: Pollution Management

Youtube: (coming soon)

Note : 1 effluent = 0.9 pollution.
1 air purifier cleans 3 chemical plant worth of pollution
2 chemical plants are needed to process effluent into water.

   The goal was to make it so one air purifier negates the pollution of 3 chemical plants but produces alot of effluent which takes time to clean. This mod is different from other pollutions mods because
   you need to treat the effluent with care. Mining or destroying it will generate  its pollution back into the atmosphere. ( toxic waste spillage) which makes it more interesting than easy pollution mods.

Release Notes :

v.0.1.1 : Added the Air Purifier, effluent and water cleaning entities and technologies.

V.0.1.2 : Added missing locale for water-cleaning. Added readme.txt

V.0.1.3 : Updated mod to Factorio 0.17

V.0.1.4 : Added Toxic Waste, Barrels, artillery ammo

V.0.1.5 : Removed Artillery ammo (bugged didnt work, reported for later version), Adding air filter

v.0.1.6 : fix balancing with the effluent to water recipe, now viable with the air filter.

v 0.1.7 : added area of effect to all purifiers. (unbalanced quickfix : they all act as if they had and air filter in them)

v.0.1.8 : Balanced Area Purification technology, removed Toxic waste for now. Effluent is still in full effect :)
Second official release since factorio 0.12. Yay !!