Natural Evolution Buildings

Add some very useful buildings to combat the Enemy threat, as changed by N.E. Enemies and Expansion. Part of the N.E. Mods, but can be used as Standalone. Please visit home page for more details.
a month ago
0.14 - 0.16
Owner: TheSAguy
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 8.1.6 (a month ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.16
Downloaded: 45924 times

Natural Evolution - Buildings
Works best with Natural Evolution Enemies and Natural Evolution Expansion.
Please go to Home Page for details.

Version: 8.1.3
- Fixed Artifact Collector so if you destroy the radar, it will be removed.
- Updated code. Made it a little more clean!
- Updated Terraforming Station Tech 3 to be infinate
- Removed Duplicate recipe key for Russian only
- Tweaked Bio Cannon Recipe, can now be build earlier
- Changed names of some Recipes, Technologies, Entities and Items
- Added more Darts and tweaked recipes
- Added Russian locale thanks to IgorLutiy
V8.1.0 - Made living walls non-flamible
V8.0.9 - Removed Rampant Warning - Rampant added compatibility
V8.0.7 - Rampant Warning
V8.0.6 - Removed Endgame Combat incompatibility warning
V8.0.5 - Removed Alerts from Units
V8.0.3 - Removed warning signals for vanilla units.
V8.0.2 - Renamed Bio Cannon and made the ammo usable in Artillery
V8.0.1 - Fixed mining items
V8.0.0 - Initial release for Factorio 0.16
V7.4.0 - Speed up Terraforming Station a little
V7.3.9 - Fix graphics error on bio cannon
V7.3.8 - Tweaks. Added Mask to new turrets, Added Napalm Rocket.
V7.3.7 - Fixed Crash!
V7.3.6 - Changed the Terraforming Station, sorry but you will lose what you had... Changed Artifact Collectors, please mine those you had. I'm using Veden's code to improve the Artifact Collectors performance immensely. Thx Veden!
V7.3.5 - Fixed a crash with Conversion Ammo and Additional Turrets Mod
V7.3.4 - Added Rocket Turret, Made Conversion ammo work in hand guns. Increased Terraforming Station Power a little
v7.3.3 - Fixed Long Range Turret dissipating when mined.
V7.3.2 - Increased T-Station speed. Bio Cannon range 90.
V7.3.1 - Made sure Long Range turret shows up if you're playing with Bio Industries
V7.3.0 - Added new turrets, added conversion ammo. Lot's of changes... Need feedback
V7.2.6 - Fixed Error when killing a spawner
V7.2.5 - Hopefully this fixes the A.C. Lag and Terraforming Station Crash!
V7.2.2 - Fix Artifact Collector Issue
V7.2.1 - Added some support for upgrading from 7.1.5 to 7.2.1. Please mine and replace all your Terraforming Stations and Artifact Collectors.
V7.2.0 - Some big changes. Moved Artifact Collector and Bio Ammo from NE Enemies to NE Buildings. Added Copper Ammo.
V7.1.7 - Fixed Battle Marker code I broke.
V7.1.6 - Big change to Terraforming Station, Now needs Alien Stimulants to work. Won't affect existing Stations in running games. Only newly build stations.
V7.1.5 - Update Standard Lib. Updated some surfaces
V7.1.4 - Fixed Expensive recipes. Now compatible with Reverse-factory
V7.1.3 - Made Battle Markers Optional.
V7.1.2 - Made a lot tweaks. ACS now only has one value for converting both Spawners and Units. Displays range overlay. Added slowdown tile.
V7.1.1 - Made Player Evolution Factor = Enemy Evolution Factor
V7.1.0 - Update to Recipes - Normal vs. Expensive. Tweaked Battle Markers again :)
V7.0.8 - Hidden markers removed for now
V7.0.7 - Tweak to hidden markers
V7.0.6 - Battle Marker added.
V7.0.5 - Code clean-up
V7.0.2 - Turned off QC messages
V7.0.1 - Added Alien Artifacts to Spawners, used in some recipies
V7.0.0 - Initial Factorio 0.15 Release
V6.4.0 - Final release before some coding changes.
V6.3.3 - Tweak to T-Stations. Slightly less deduction early and more with higher Evo.
V6.3.2 - Nerf Terraforming Station Deduction constant from 0.00025 to 0.0002. Added tech to upgrade T-Stations.
V6.3.1 - Tweak to how Terraforming Station reduces Evolution. Changed to (1-Evo)^2
V6.3.0 - Factorio 0.14 Update
V6.2.4 - Living Wall graphic fix. Range of player worms increased by 1.
V6.2.1 - Items that need Revitalization treatment are fully healed when mined (Worms, Spawners and Living Wall)
V6.2.0 - Added Combat Inserter
V6.1.3 - Fixed Damage type - Biological.
V6.1.1 - Alien Control Station Fix. If a "Friendly" Spawner is killed, the Evo is not affected.
V6.1.0 - Living Wall added.
V6.0.5 - NE Buildings: MP Compatibility Tweak. In Config, you have the option to set MP game or SP game. - SP might work in MP, but if you have issues, use it.
V6.0.4 - Multiplayer Compatibility tweak. Fixed Thumper Crash
V6.0.3 - Small tweak to a mistake I made with one of Bob's functions. Should not affect any working games.
V6.0.2 - Small tweak to make sure Alien Toxin shows up. (Used in NE_Enemies & Bio-Industries)
V6.0.1 - Fixes to work with Bob's mod
V6.0.0 - Initial V13 release