by Kenira
Randomizes recipes (amount of ingredients and products, crafting time) as well as many other things that can be toggled individually like belt speed, crafting speeds, energy consumption, weapon damage...
3 months ago
0.15 - 0.17


- fixed renaming of emission stat in 0.17.29 to emissions_per_minute
- fixed ingredients with stack size of 1 could still be randomized to more than one which caused issues with certain mods
- fixed conflict with crafting combinator mod
- fixed issue when used with Closest First mod (now syncs the roboport stats accordingly)

- cleaned up some code and fixed some issues, mostly under the hood but one effect is rounding being a bit less coarse grained now
- the pollution fix from last versions was also hacky, the underlying issue will now be avoided much more generally
- enabled rounding for module effects again

- another pollution fix
- temporarily removed rounding for module effects

- fixed pollution being rounded to 0 everywhere

- fixed that items could be produced in stacks despite being unstackable
- fixed emissions being called emissions_per_second_per_watt starting in 0.17.13
- added setting for rounding to get prettier numbers (default enabled)
- improved the default rounding of belts (without the rounding setting). now rounds to whole items per second, instead of internal value of speed which is an awkward number.
- cap armor resistances to 100%
- exclude RITEG and air filter recycle recipes from being randomized
- added factorio extended, xander and ultimate belts belt sync support
- added loader sync (supports loaders redux, bob's logistics, miniloaders, deadlock loaders)

- fix conflict with mod "Closest First"
- added rounding for stack sizes, default enabled

- limit max possible module slots to 65535 (i can't believe this was necessary)

- add belt sync support for vacuum belts
- fix deadlock crating and deadlock stacking recipes got randomized

- CHECK YOUR SETTINGS WHEN UPDATING! Specifically, the "Randomization mode" setting. i overhauled the settings which will make it more clear the "Randomize Everything", "Randomize only recipes" etc settings are incompatible and you need to choose either one or none of them ("Custom" for individually ticking all the boxes)
- mod compatibility with WhistleStop Factories: added option to sync the bulk recipes with the regular recipes
- fixed that some properties got values for easier or harder difficulty than intended (energy consumption for efficiency modules (other modules are fine), roboport energy usage)
- added personal equipment randomization option
- added module slot randomization option
- added option to randomize rocket parts needed for a rocket

- updated for 0.17
- "Randomizing everything" option will now respect the belt sync setting instead of overriding it to false
- added options to randomize iron and copper plates, and kovarex enrichment process in the ingame options (used to all be in the blacklist, now you can toggle them individually)
- fixed issue with angel's mods by adding void recipes to blacklist

- this patch will rerandomize everything again so don't update during a game, sorry. probably / hopefully for the last time
- finally properly fixed numbers changing when you add or remove mods. numbers should now properly be constant for a given seed, no matter what else you do.
- switched away from lua's integrated random number generator in the process
- added options to randomize roboports, construction and logistics robots
- added belt speed sync support for bob's logistics

- added option to randomize storage capacity (chests, train wagons, storage tanks)
- added option to randomize water pump speed

- fixed changing random seed not working which was broken for a while already (this will change all the numbers so don't update during a game!)
- added option for randomizing stack sizes
- added rounding for crafting times

- added difficulty settings
- added option to round to nearest prime number
- added fuel performance randomization option

- fix conflict with bio industries

- fix issue with both Realistic Power and Creative Mode

- updated for version 0.16
- added conversion recipes from Angel's mods to blacklist

- add randomization of splitter and underground belt speeds. also option to make tiers of belts / undergrounds / splitters have the same speed (for vanilla items for now)

- several small changes regarding probabilities
- fixes crash with bad recipe data (only "normal" recipe defined without "expensive")

- supports randomizing probabilities for up to 2 ingredients (uranium processing in vanilla)
- added another blacklist in config.lua for keywords: any recipe that includes this keyword in it's recipe name, an ingredient or a product will not be randomized (for example, "barrel" to leave barreling of any liquid out)
- added many other properties to randomize, that can also be toggled on or off collectively: inserter speed, belt speed, turret and weapon damage, energy usage, pollution, energy produced, reactor power, item fuel value, mining speed, assembling machine speed, furnace speed, module stats. feel free to make more suggestions!

- bugfix: issue with Yuoki / recipes with several tens of thousands ingredients that could hit a limit

- bugfix: recipes won't change if you add or remove mods (recipes) any more

- balancing: decreased probability of recipes getting more expensive

- equal probability of decreasing and increasing cost, and higher probability for values near the default.

- initial release. equal randomness.