Xander Mod (Therax)

by therax

A fork of Repofme1's Xander Mod.

1 year, 9 months ago
2 years ago
Latest Version:
2.2.4 (1 year, 9 months ago)
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A fork of Repofme1's excellent Xander Mod.

Original (and somewhat outdated) description:

This mod completely overhauls several large chunks of the base game, in particular the production of raw materials, bulk resources, intermediate parts, and machines themselves. It also adds a variety of new & upgraded machines for production & logistics to help with this. A few additional combat supplies have been added for good measure, and to provide more use for advanced materials & parts.

For more information, see Factorio Forums post at:

Ore Generation -
9 new resources: apatite, bauxite, garnierite, granitic ore, heavy mineral sand, lead ore, mineral water, natural gas, and sulfidic ore
Changes to the 6 base game resources to fit Xander Mod style
I've also now written a custom RSO config, which should be included with RSO in one of its upcoming updates.
Crude resources can be mined by hand, but only used for very little on their own:
Copper Ore
Granitic Ore
Starter resources require a mining axe, but enable crude machines and automation:
Iron Ore
Lead Ore
Later resources can only be mined with machines, but are necessary to complete the game:
Crude Oil
Heavy Mineral Sand
Mineral Water
Natural Gas
Pitchblende (base Uranium Ore)
Sulfidic Ore

Early Game -
The early game has been considerably extended, for realism and a greater sense of accomplishment. Greatly increased detail in mechanical and electrical parts makes machines more expensive, and advancement to automation overall slower. Constructing a basic setup of burner mining drills on a handful ore ore types, an easy first step in the base game, is now a noticeable achievement. The goal is to create a greater contrast between the crude start and standard automation, to heighten the sense of accomplishment from progressing through the entire technology tree.

Mid to Late Game -
The refining and production of most materials has been re-worked according to more detailed and realistic chemistry. The goal is to make the processing more believable than in the default game, where ores are simply run through a furnace to make metal. The intermediate parts used in crafting machines have received similarly fine complexity and realism. To help produce all of this material, a few new machines have bee added, and several base machines now have upgrades. I currently have my own versions of several types of machines found in other mods, such as an electrolyzer, ore processing plant, refining furnace, and a few others. I have also with some expensive, late-game integrated machines, that feature the combined capabilities of multiple single machines, with further upgraded parameters.

Play Style -
The expanded detail of making almost anything maintains an increased level of difficulty throughout the game, typically creating a marathon-type experience. Since everything takes longer, some method of reducing biter contact in the early game is heavily recommended. A larger biter-free starting area size, disabling biter expansion at world generation, or even playing on peaceful are all possibilities. Without some of these measures biters are likely to attack before you have developed weapons enough to make new magazines.