Weapon Bandoleer

Adds additional weapon slots via a bandoleer item. Useful for mods that add lots of weapons to the game.

3 months ago

b Incompatible with Space Exploration

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)


im playing with Space Exploration and wanted this mod since it adds quite a few additional unique weapons. When im activating your mod i get the following error in main menu:

Error while running event level::on_configuration_changed
--space-exploration__/scripts/essential.lua:43: Items that can contain inventories are not supported by Space Exploration. Please disable the mod that added this item: weapon bandoleer
stack traceback:
[C]: in funciton 'error'
space-exploration/scripts/essential.lua:43: in function 'detect_breaking_prototypes'
space-exploration/control.lua:2008: in function 'callback'
space-exploration/scripts/event.lua:15: in function 'sequence'
space-exploration/scripts/event.lua:49: in function 'trigger'
space-exploration/scripts/event.lua:55: in function 'on_configuration_changed'
core/lualib/event_handler.lua:87: in function <core/lualib/event_handler.lua:84>

the things written fat have two _ at the front and the end*

4 months ago

That is unfortunate. I'll try and get in contact with the developer of SE.

4 months ago

While we wait for official support, I have added instructions to the mod for altering Space Exploration's code to force compatibility.

To bypass Space Exploration's ban on "item-with-inventory" prototypes, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Factorio mods folder
  2. Unzip "space-exploration_x.x.x.zip"
  3. Navigate to "space-exploration\scripts"
  4. Open "essential.lua" in a text editor of your choice
  5. Delete line 43:

    41| if prototype.type == "item-with-inventory" then
    42| if not (prototype.name == "item-with-inventory" and prototype.inventory_size == 0) then
    43| error("Items that can contain inventories are not supported by Space Exploration. Please disable the mod that added this item: " .. prototype.name)
    44| end
    45| end

  6. Save "essential.lua"

  7. Re-zip "space-exploration_x.x.x.zip", replacing the original
  8. Make sure the mod's file structure still looks like "space-exploration_x.x.x.zip\space-exploration\<all-the-mods-files>"

You will have to do this every time you install or update Space Exploration.

3 months ago

Good news, Weapon Bandoleer is now natively supported by Space Exploration!

It can be used now, but if i want to change the surface via cargo rocket i can not launch the rocket. In the console a message appears, telling me that the weapon bandoleer can not be transported between surfaces

2 months ago

Yeah, that's a Space Exploration feature. You will need to leave the bandoleer behind and craft a new one on arrival. Sorry.


Something else, there was also a non recoverable error when i was pressing the shortcut for switching to previous weapon BEFORE i crafted the first bandoleer. After crafting it this error dissappeared

2 months ago

Yeah, sounds like the same issue reported in this discussion

I was never able to diagnose the issue, (I went as far as to install every single mod they had to test it), so I just recommend unbinding the select previous weapon control.

Unbinding was actually the first thing i tried, it had no effect to the issue and kept crashing the game when beeing pushed

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