Build your base on a platform that follow you from planets to planets and escape biters before they overwhelm you.

4 years ago
0.17 - 0.17.34
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.1 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 0.17.34
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32 users

Build your base on a platform that follows you from planets to planets and escape biters before they overwhelm you. This mod is intended as a way to change the building dynamic, as you will have to develop your base around a platform. It keeps the pressure on you too, as you will also have to choose between staying to extract more resources and evacuating before the biters break your defence.

Still in alpha, expect game breaking bugs, incomplete features and unbalanced gameplay !

The warp reactor is your failed experiment. It seems better at attracting biters than generating energy, it's unstable and will destroy the planet it's on if left unmanaged. Fortunatly, as an unintended consequence, it can pull itself and it's surroundings into an interdimentional rift and lead you to a safer place. So escape biters, try to build a rocket and get away !

A button is added at the upper-left of the screen to allow you to warp out when the bitters get too strong for your defense, but the more you warp, the more it will takes time to charge.

Time is short on each warp, but this warp reactor technology allows some new upgrades to help you out :
- Warp mining productivity : Upgrade your mining equipement with warp technology.
- Warp platform size : Upgrade the warp platform build area.
- Warp teleporter : Allows you to teleport at a placeable exit. It will consume energy based on the number of items transported and distance though. Further upgrades will allow faster recharging and more energy stored.
- Warp stabilizer accumulator : This accumulator upgrade will stabilize the warp reactor when charged, reseting it's pertubating effect on alien life to a minimum. Further upgrades will allow more discharges, but at an increased electrical cost.
- Warp reactor logistic system : Warp reactor logistic will give the warp teleporter and underground platforms a belt and pipe transfert system. Further upgrades allow for more throughput.
- Warp reactor accelerator accumulator : The warp reactor accelerator accumulator upgrade allows to reduce the charge time of the warp reactor by 1% each time it is fully charged.
- Warp energy : The warp energy upgrade allows the warp reactor to process some of the energy it harness when it warp and also create uranium fuel cells in the process. The upgrade is located at the lower underground platform.

Known bugs:
- Ghosts buildings on the platform will loose their orientation after a warp.
- Multiplayer untested.
- Needs more general testing.
- Incompatible with Factorio < 0.17.35.