Unholy Legacy Modpack

Krastorio 2 + Space Exploration + Quality of life + Interfaces + Harder enemies + Fun tech

5 months ago
5 months ago
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Krastorio 2 + Space Exploration + Quality of life + Interfaces + Harder enemies + Fun tech

Last video before the suns die, and eternal darkess falls with the change of laws of physics:

For a faster and lighter pack with more terror try out my experimental one: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/kras_ghoulash

aai-industry - some light recipe and research modifications, a bit more burner stuff
aai-programmable-structures - automated control, depos, garages, auto-deployment of vehicles
aai-programmable-vehicles - for automated vehicles (can be set up like a strategy game)
aai-signal-transmission - wireless logisctics even between planets
aai-signals - special signal types for the above
aai-vehicles-chaingunner - your usual turret on tracks
aai-vehicles-flame-tank - scaled up spider exterminator
aai-vehicles-flame-tumbler - a crash-proof racecar with flamers
aai-vehicles-hauler - a transport truck (my low-level long range transport - use shipt clicks to set up a route-loop, then set the vehicle on it)
aai-vehicles-laser-tank - your energy turret on tracks
aai-vehicles-miner - moving mine, park it on an ore patch, also harvests wood and uses it as fuel
aai-vehicles-warden - a multipurpose armed repair vehicle
aai-zones - set up restricted zones for the programmed auto-behaviors above
AfraidOfTheDark - better flashlight and lamps
Aircraft - from a simple scout ro the flying fortress, AAI covers them too
alien-biomes - biomes on different planets
Big_Brother - surveillance buildings
Bio_Industries - biology related factories, terraformers, but compressed logistics, like solar farm, power pole and substation
bobinserters - after several researches, tell your inserters exactly where from/to move
Bottleneck - icons will show problems with production lines
bullet-trails - nice looks
car-finder - where I've parked?
Cold_biters - cold themed enemies for cold biomes, several researches and stuff
combat-mechanics-overhaul - combat-related settings, for example shots don't go over walls, acid pools don't hurt fliers, and such
Companion_Drones - your personal entourage of death-buld drones
CopyPasteModules - copy module setup with recipes
Enhanced_Map_Colors - nice
even-distribution - draging your items over containers distribute them evenly
Explosive_biters - hot themed enemies for hot biomes, several researches and stuff
Factorissimo2 - different sized houses with bigger, but limited surfaces, makes it easier to group and move your factories (use Factory Bulk Transfer Pipes for fluid trasfer)
factoryplanner - play your ftroughput and craft speed
Fill4Me - auto filling fuel into anything placed down
flib - library mod for other stuff
Flow Control - fixed shapes for pipes, for tight areas
FNEI - search all recipes
grappling-gun - shoot where you want to go
informatron - wiki mod for AAI and Space Exploration
jetpack - fly with fuel, an armor module
Krastorio2 - a difficulty and function overhaul, the end-game is to open a wormhole to message home, lots of interesting and useful stuff
Krastorio2Assets - library mod for other stuff
manual-inventory-sort - sort inventories with a button combo or click (I set up the buttons)
MF_Base - library mod for other stuff
Mining_Drones - wind up dwarves for mining with a depot - no power needed, but pollutes
Mobile_Factory - 3 kinds of crawler-vehicles, inside can be expanded, has an matter-storage system like Applied Energistics
Mobile_Factory-Jets - multipurpose flying drones for that
Mobile_Factory_Graphics - library mod for other stuff
more-minimap-autohide-017 - don't get it in the way
Natural_Evolution_Buildings2 - buffed up enemies with several researches and buildables
NewGamePlus - restart your game, but keep evolution/inventory/research intact (a great testing tool, I've used it 5 times already on my playtrough when the mods changed a lot)
Nightfall - enemies come at night
Nova-Natural_Evolution_Enemies - library mod for other stuff
Noxys_Extra_Settings_Info - in the mod settings tooltips say min/max values too
Noxys_Trees - tree growth and spread
Noxys_Waterfill - amke water holes, research, and crafting is needed
NPBees2 - make resources, but needs several researches and complicated production
qol_research - better avatar abilities via research
RateCalculator - select a production line, it auto-calculates the speed of components and recipes
Reactor Interface - a logistic connection for start/stop a reactor
robot_attrition - drones can break down on different planets
Robot_Battery_Research - as it says
RPGsystem - better avatar abilities via combat experience
shield-projector - as it says, needed for Space Exploration to protect your ship from meteors
space-exploration - your quadrant of galaxy to explore, huge amount of new stuff, really extended engame to fly home in a huge built starship
space-exploration-graphics - library mod for other stuff
space-exploration-graphics-2 - library mod for other stuff
space-exploration-graphics-3 - library mod for other stuff
space-exploration-graphics-4 - library mod for other stuff
space-exploration-graphics-5 - library mod for other stuff
space-exploration-postprocess - library mod for other stuff, other mod compatibilities
spidertron-logistics - buffing it with new possibilities, remote control on different planets
Squeak Through - you can walk between connecting buildings, and over pipes
stdlib - library mod for other stuff
TimeTools - change time and day-speed
Todo-List - don't forget what you wanted to do yesterday, an in-game notepad, assign work to others in multiplayer
Transport_Drones - little cars trasferring resources over prebuilt roads, less laggy than drone network, a lot of different researches
VehicleSnap - choose degrees of turning to snap to
VoidChestPlus - anything you put in, disappears
Water_Ores - oregen over water

FactorioEMC - same thing that in Krastorio 2 high tech, energy and area dependent
jrmetals - some simple melting recipes for iron and copper, and steel recipe!
kizraks-robots - shoddy logistic bot transfer a tech-level before
Mobile_Factory-Jets - they mine everything! even under an unpowered Core Miner!
move-with-mouse-updated - set a hotkey to run/fly to the cursor, a bit clicky
UsefulCombinators - they are