Advanced Fluid Handling Adjustments (with IR3 recipes)

Rebalances Advanced Fluid Handling recipes and adds new functionality. All three tiers and intermediate materials can be disabled individually via settings. Recipes are simpler, but require more resources. Automatically adds recipes specifically for Industrial Revolution 3.

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Advanced Fluid Handling Adjustments


This is a modification of Advanced Fluid Handling by staplergun. It adds and changes a few things:
- All pipe tiers can be turned off individually in the mod settings (i.e. for having a simplified version of the mod with just the first tier of pipes).
- Intermediate recipes can be turned on/off (off by default) in the mod settings.
- Adds overhauled recipes for vanilla and Industrial Revolution 3.
- New recipes can be turned off, and the mod can just be used to disable unwanted pipe tiers.


In general, the adjusted recipes are more expensive but more simplified. This was originally made to work specifically with IR3, but if that mod is not found, a similar set of vanilla recipes will be loaded. A detailed list of the new recipes can be seen in the changelog, but here are the main changes:
- All recipes are designed to be closer to what you'd need to spend in raw materials to do similar things without the mod, along with some extra materials to balance the compactness and flexibility of the pipes. For example, a tier 1 I-shape underground pipe costs 16 pipes (16 iron plates in the base game) and 8 stone brick, while a base game pipe to ground costs 10 pipes and 5 iron (15 iron plates total).
- Upgraded tiers are more expensive, as they're able to double and triple the length of regular pipes, and the mod originally made them somewhat trivial to make. Tier 2 requires steel, and tier 3 requires either plastic and concrete or brass and chrome.
- Underground pipes upgrade in "chains", requiring the previous tier to craft the next. Surface to ground pipes are crafted with a matching underground pipe.
- The mini pump now just requires a regular pump and some pipes and bricks.
- All valves are simplified to match the IR3 valve.

Free Use

There are multiple mods for Advanced Fluid Handling available that work, but I couldn't find a setup that was balanced for IR3's difficulty, so I decided to make this mod and add a few toggles to make it a bit more customizable. I'm not an experienced Factorio modder, so the tweaks are rather basic, mostly made to learn and for personal use. As such, feel free to take, alter, and reupload the code as you like!