Tanks! for Bob!

by LCruel
Tanks! for Bob!, this mod brings in stronger tanks you need if you want a player to have more influence on the map while playing with "Bob's enamies" and "Natural Evolution Expansion" mods.
8 months ago
0.13 - 0.16
Owner: LCruel
Source: LCruel/tanks_for_bob
Homepage: https://none
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 1.6.3 (8 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.13 - 0.16
Downloaded: 5693 times

Tanks! For Bob
Description: Adds vehicles (Tanks) that can compete with the end game aliens. This mod has been balanced to be played with the mods "Bob's Enemies" and "Natural Evolution Expansion" to make the game extra challenging.

Dependencies: (optional)
- Bob's enemies, adds stronger aliens
- Natural Evolution Expansion, changes the evolution rate to be more challenging
- Cheaper rail and concrete , increases production rate of rail and concrete

Long description:
A tank mod that adds additional tanks and vehicle features to factorio.

- Auto cannon tank, fast conventional tank with two tiers
- Flamer tank, fast flamer tank with two tiers
- Super tank, heavy all round tank
- Rocket tank, Fast mobile range rocket launcher

- Recall tokens that teleports you to a linked tank

Tank guns
- Auto cannon, will pass through aliens like butter
- Battle cannon, stronger explosive shells
- Flamer, stronger and additional 360 degrees fire mode.
- Artillery, slow heavy damage over long range
- Rocket launcher, fast and long range rockets
- Mine layer, faster way to deploy mines
- Machine gun, same as vanilla but stronger

- Disabled recall tokens (due to bug)
- Fixed picking up Tanks for Bob tank, giving you a regular tank instead of the Tanks for Bob tank.

- Fixed texture glitches of the super tanks.
- Added more exhaust smoke to super tanks

- Fixed texture glitches of the tanks.

- Updated to Factorio 0.16.x

- Updated to Factorio 0.13.x
- Removed auto cannon turret

- Added recall teleporter token, for speedy return to your tank of your selection
- Added gun turrets (under development) allows you to arm turrets with tank ammo. Atm I disabled all turrets except flame-thrower.
- Rebalanced: Artillery tank gun, now shoots less far and accurate. Now launches 4 shells.
- Recommendation, create backup save if you already had a game in progress. This update contains a lot of balancing changes in damage and production.

- First public release

I have not been able to succeed to build a rocket playing this with two people with "Bob's Enemies" and "Natural Evolution Expansion". Around 80% evolution it starts to get really rough.