A survival kit with stealth management for early game. Now, you can be a secret agent and spy the biters ! (see video)

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Your objectives is to go near the biter's structures without being detected, destroy them and escape safely.

A video of a simple game session

How to

This mod give you a new capacity: stealth.

  • you enter the stealth mode by striking a key (default SHIFT-R). In this mode, the biters don't attack you. You can exit the stealth mode by pressing the same key.

  • but, in the center of the screen your have two bars, the red bar is the "threat", the blue bar is the time you spend in stealth mode.

  • the threat increases when they are biters around you (more the biters are near, more the threat increases), or when you deal damage to biters (using <C> key)

  • if the threat reachs 100% (red bar full), you exit the stealth mode and return to normal mode. Now the biters attack you.

  • if you want to attack biter, your need a pistol with silencer. Any other weapon will make you exit the stealth mode.

  • if you shot a biter nest or a biter turret, you exit the stealth mode

  • some element of map will hide you (tree, rock, cliff). If they are near, the threat will decrease. A small green circle show you when you are protected.

  • if you kill biters, the remaining duration of the stealth mode increases (blue bar)

  • to destroy biter's structure, you may need time bomb, but don't stay too close when they explode

  • a capsule of cloud of smoke can create a cloud of smoke. The cloud will lower the threat when you are in.

  • when the stealth mode is in cooldown, your running speed is increased

  • when you enter the stealth mode, the aggro of the nearby biters is reset. But beware of the threat