Spidertron Tiers

by Zangeti

Adds 13 new unique Spidertrons! Wether high firepower, early game, speed, inventory size or fog war reveal, there is something for everyone.

1 year, 2 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
1 year, 8 months ago
Latest Version:
0.2.18 (1 year, 2 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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Adds 13 new unique Spidertrons! Some specialise in specific areas such as assault, where they excel at HIGH FIREPOWER, or tanking, where thy have lots of HEALTH AND RESISTANCE. The spidertrons differ from another in the WEAPONS they use, their RANGE & FIRE RATE, their TEXTURES, the NUMBER OF LEGS & MOVEMENT SPEED, INVENTORY & EQUIPMENT GRID SIZES, and much more.

Overall, this mod introduces 5 types of spidertron:
- Assault Spidertron; These spidertrons specialise in firepower, but are weak in close quarters. Designed for hit and run tactics.
- Bulwark Spidertron; These spidertrons have ultra high health & resistance, but not so much in firepower
- Scout Spidertorn; Weak as Scout Spidertrons are in combat, they fulfil their role with a high walking speed & fog of war clearing radius
- Voyage Spidertron; Built to move items, Voyage Spidertrons have massive inventories & move at reasonable speeds
- General Purpose Spidertron; General Purpose Spidertrons do everything. However, they need a lot of research into specific spidertrons to unlock

List of Spidertrons and their types

Assault Spidertrons:
1. Assault Spidertron Mk1; An early game spidertron with good firepower, but low HP. Pretty descent mobility too. Fires with shotguns. Has 6 legs.
2. Assault Spidertron Mk2; A mid game spidertron with even better firepower. Fires with machine guns. Has 5 legs.

Bulwark Spidertrons:
1. Bulwark Spidertron Mk1; Early game tank with lots of HP. It's firepower however is abysmal. Fires with a machine gun. Terribly slow. Has 8 legs.
2. Bulwark Spidertron Mk2; Mid game tank with improved HP & firepower. Still slow. Hs a machine gun & rocket launcher. Has 14 legs.

Scout Spidertrons:
1. Scout Spidertron Mk1; Early game mobile beacon... Pretty fast but fragile, and has a fog of war discovery radius of 3 chunks. Has 3 legs.
2. Scout Spidertron Mk2; Mid game mobile beacon, which is still fast and fragile, with a FOWDR of 5 chunks. Has 4 legs.

Voyager Spidertrons:
1. Voyager Spidertron Mk1; Early game transport vehicle for you and your items. Also offers somewhat descent protection & firepower. Has 8 legs.
2. Voyager Spidertron Mk2; Mid game transport for items, when trains are not an option... Still can protect itself somewhat. Has 10 legs.

General Purpose Spidertrons:
1. Prototype Spidertron; Super weak, has no weapons etc. this is the start of your Spidertron Tiers journey. Can only be used as transport. Has 3 legs.
2. Spidertron Mk-1; Has a bit of everything, though it does not excel at all of them. Requires all specific Spidertron types at Mk1 researched. Has 5 legs.
3. Spidertron Mk0; An upgrade to Spidertron Mk-1, Mk0 has greater weapon variety featuring a cannon, machine gun and rocket launcher. Has 6 legs.
4. (Spidertron - vanilla); only updated recipe & technology prerequisites
5. Spidertron Mk2; Improves upon the default Spidertron; more health, DPS etc. Requires all specific Spidertron types researched at Mk2. Has 8 legs.
6. Spidertron Mk3; The Ultimate Spidertron, is the last to be unlocked in Spidertron Tiers... It is a God. Huge Equipment Grid. Has 10 legs.

Spidertron Tiers makes for a massive research and crafting project.
Most importantly (I think) they look pretty epic!

Check out my developer Discord @ https://discord.gg/kC53xn2