Sosciencity [WIP]

Factorio: Skylines. Adds citizens to the game. Attract various castes to your city in order to progress the game.

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Co-Authors: Johanna Spieker, _traum



You are an architect. The architect of a new civilization.

You crashlanded on this planet, lost most of your resources, found out it's inhabited by vicious aliens and - yeah - nearly died. But that is merely a small setback on the mission to found your own city.


The society you're living in originated from a caste system and is still divided into several groups with vastly differing worldviews.

  • The Clockwork Caste: Undemanding, simple and living in boxes. The Clockwork Caste consists mostly of mechanics that keep factories and thus civilisations up and running.
  • The Orchid Caste: Masters of the flora. The Caste of the farmers, gardeners, botanists. They are also really good cooks.
  • The Gunfire Caste: The Caste of the military. They do not talk much, but they will make your defenses even deadlier.
  • The Ember Caste: Historically the Ember Caste was a small group of people that stayed at the campfire and kept the fires alife. In modern times they became the caste of all the people without a caste-forming profession (or due to growing automation: without any profession at all). They are the core of culture, art and social engagement. Everyone likes to have them around.
  • The Foundry Caste: If you combine the Clockwork and the Gleam Caste, you essentially get the Foundry Caste. They take scientific findings, some nights and lots of caffeine - and create a machine that solves exactly your problem.
  • The Gleam Caste: Curious and in pursuit of a better understanding of the world - like a spark in the dark. The Gleam People dedicate their lives to expanding their knowledge and sciences. Intellectuals, professors and livelong students that will greatly improve your research.
  • The Aurora People: A small group of really famous people. Actors, Artists, Autors, Mod Makers... - people that inspire other people. While they are technically members of the Ember Caste, they are often seen as their own group.
  • The Plasma Caste: Medical professionals


While the base game requires you to produce the equipment and fundings to research, Sosciencity will add another ingredient: Ideas.

Each tier of science packs requires you to attract another caste into your city.

  • Automation Science - Clockwork Caste
  • Logistic Science - Orchid Caste
  • Military Science - Gunfire Caste
  • Chemical Science - Ember Caste
  • Production Science - Foundry Caste
  • Utility Science - Gleam Caste
  • Space Science - Aurora People (not implemented yet)


As the architect of the city you need to fulfill several responsibilities in order to keep the citizens satisfied.

  • Food
  • Clean Water
  • Power
  • Healthcare
  • Safety from Biters
  • Garbage Collection

Implementation Plan

I like to develop in a continuous process and get feedback as I go. So far it is possible to complete a run with this mod, but you will notice that it's not entirely fleshed out at around Production to Utility Science.
I would really appreciate feedback, because a lot of stuff in this mod is hard to balance without playtesting.

While I will try to avoid it, I cannot guarantee the backwards compatibility of each release - especially because I haven't planned every feature out yet. It might happen that you need to refactor your factory or create a new map after a major release.


Sosciencity is designed to work together with bigger overhaul mods. The mod creates it's own conceptual space and interacts little with the typical production chains.
So far we made the mod at least load with a number of other modpacks. We haven't actually come around to playtest any combinations or tweak Sosciencity's recipes to better work with the concepts these mods introduce.

Compatibility Statuses

  • Bob's mods: Load together with Sosciencity.
  • Angel's mods: Load together with Sosciencity.
  • Pyanodon's mods: Loads together with Sosciencity. There is a problem with Ethanol, which is way more expensive in pyanodons. I suggest a pretty high Startup Clockwork Points setting.
  • Space Exploration: Loads together with Sosciencity, but there seem to be technology deadlocks. I haven't come around to look into the compatibility options that mod provides. So at the moment you can place e.g. Groundwater Pumps in space which makes no sense.
  • Krastorio: Load together with Sosciencity.
  • Omnimatter: Load together with Sosciencity.
  • Industrial Revolution: Load together with Sosciencity. You might need to start a map at a technology stage where you already have power, iron and copper or else I suppose the start will be very painful.
  • Brevven's mods / Very BZ: Load together with Sosciencity.


Please have a look at the Known Problems list before reporting.

Sosciencity relies heavily on control scripting, which is prone to have bugs that end with desyncs and crashes. Please report any of those, either via github, the mod portal, discord, email, forum PN, or in the forum thread.
If the game gives you an error message, then send that to me. If not or if you think the circumstance of the crash could be hard to replicate, then please send me your savefile.

Known Problems

  • If you don't know how to get Mold: Compost Blue Grapes or Weird Berries in the Composting Silo. The mold then appears inside the silo (if there is an empty slot).
  • If you don't know how to get Necrofall: There will be flowers around the Composting Silo after it composts for a while.
  • Entities like houses or the upbringing station that consume power show up on the "Production" side of the power statistics, despite not actually producing power. Sosciencity simulates their energy usage with hidden EEI entities, which the Factorio engine handles in a weird way. I made a feature request for that.
  • You can break Sosciencity's entities by teleporting them (e.g. with Picker Dollies). For example the neighborhood connections or the speed/productivity manipulation will break. Because there is no teleporting of entities in the base game, I didn't implement any teleport detection to save on everyones UPS.
  • If you have another mod installed which adds true speed/productivity modules (meaning modules that provide a bonus without a consumption or pollution malus), you can place them in beacons and have them affect Sosciencity's manufactory/farm type entities. That's not intended, but there's nothing I can do about it. Internal my mod is placing invisible beacons under those entities as a hacky way to control these stats during control stage. So disallowing these effects isn't an option.
  • You can insert Saplings into Mining Drills (and then they'll do nothing).
  • The mod doesn't work with multiple player forces. I don't know what will happen, I never played PvP. But not caring about Forces saved myself a lot of headaches.


Thanks to all the nice, helpful people in the Factorio discord's mod making channel.
Huge thanks to justarandomgeek, their Factorio Debugger saved me an ocean of headaches.