Signal Splitter Combinator

by Cadde
A combinator that allows you to pick ONE signal from the network via it's index.
8 months ago
Owner: Cadde
Source: TheCadde/Signal-Splitter-Combinator
License: MIT
Created: 8 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.2 (8 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 233 times

Signal Splitter Combinator

A simple decider combinator that takes one input, the signal index to output.
Indices range from 1 to 2^31, though at that point i bet you have WAY too many signals in your network anyways.

The order of signals is determined by their load order or something similar. As such, a burner inserter will ALWAYS come before a regular inserter. And so on. With this in mind, don't rely on a particular signal to be in the same indexed slot all the time. It really depends on whether a signal comes before or after another in the games internal library.

The point of this combinator is that you can select A signal, whichever you want from the currently active signals by it's index.
The use case would be if you want to split up signals into separate channels. For instance, easy splitting of belt contents onto separate belts.

Or whatever else you may need a signal splitter combinator for.

Known issues

Performance - Due to it being an initial release, i haven't done any optimizations. As such, do note that the internal mechanics on this mod may be heavy on performance. It's constantly updating a decider combinator (which this essentially is, controlled by code) on every single tick. It is entirely possible to avoid this constant updating by checking if the signal has changed. And only updating when it actually has changed.


- Initial Release

- Bugfix: Removed old developer code with increasing indexes per built signal splitter combinator.
- Bugfix: Fixed crash whenever stuff would be built by construction robots due to old development code.