Sea Block - Evil mode

Flaring gases and clarifying fluids is heavily restricted and consumes more power. H2/O2 still can be voided, but also could be transformed into steam. Lower tier boilers are less efficient, but higher tiers get better. Rebalance sorting to encourage multioutput sorting. CAUTION: Voiding solid items by destroying containers won't work, because the items get spilled on the ground.

3 months ago
1 year, 1 day ago
Latest Version:
0.0.8 (3 months ago)
Factorio version:
233 times
  • Disables most water void recipes
    Exceptions: (Regular Water, Purified, Saline, Heavy Mud, Concentrated Mud, Light Mud, Thin Mud)
  • Disables most chemical void recipes
    Exceptions: (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Compressed Air)
  • Spill items on the floor, when containers are getting destroyed
  • Increase mining time of storage tanks and fluid wagons
  • Add option to disable voiding restrictions (Back to easy mode, if you only want the rest of the balancing changes)
  • Add option to enable logging of removed fluids by picking up entities like buildings/pipes
  • Add custom command /seablock_evil_mode_statistics_fluid_removed to show statistics of removed fluids by picking up entities like buildings/pipes
  • Flarestack consumes 5 times more power
  • Add 2 recipes to get a bit of steam from hydrogen/oxygen (activated from start)
    • One to consume exactly the ratio of dirty electrolysis
    • One to consume more hydrogen, to be able to balance oxygen consumption.
    • Chemical plant mk1 is available from start.
    • Add option to choose the old buffed steam recipes from version 0.0.5
  • Rebalance sorting to encourage multioutput sorting.
    • Catalyst/Mixed sorting yields less ores
    • Multioutput sorting yields more higher tier ores and less of lower tier ores
  • Lead plate usage in green science is doubled
  • Milling drum recycling is cheaper (lubricant)
  • Use "Burner power progression" (seperate mod) to adjust efficiencies of boiler tiers
    • Fuel value for most chemical solids are doubled
    • Nerfed boiler efficiencies compared to default settings
    • Boiler mk1: 42.5% (actually 85% because of doubled fuel values)
    • Boiler mk2: 50.0% (actually 100%)
    • Boiler mk3: 57.5% (actually 115%)
    • Boiler mk4: 65.0% (actually 130%)
    • Boiler mk5: 75.0% (actually 150%)
    • Fluid boiler mk1: 60.0%
    • Fluid boiler mk2: 70.0%
    • Fluid boiler mk3: 82.5%
    • Fluid boiler mk4: 95.0%
    • Nuclear efficiencies are unchanged