Space Exploration Vanilla Recipes

A massive recipe overhaul mod that removes most of AAIs and Space Exploration's changes to vanilla recipes, this will not disable/change every recipe, but some notable changes are most buildings, belts, inserters, and much more! The more controversial changes will have toggles, such as Circuits, Modules, LDS, and Engines.

12 days ago
12 days ago
Latest Version:
1.0.0 (12 days ago)
Factorio version:
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What is this mod?
This mod focuses on changing all vanilla Factorio recipes that are modified by Space Exploration and AAI back to their pre-modified states.
This affects, Inserters, Belts, Machines, and some other miscellaneous items.
As for the materials, each one has it's own separate toggle, although I'd recommended sticking to the default, as it's probably the least painful options.

This mod is not intended to be a replacement for the AAI recipes, Space Exploration needs the edited recipes to feel cohesive, this is a band-aid fix.
This mod solely only exists because I know there are many who dislike these changes, so hopefully either, they atleast appreciate the work Earendel and Co have put into the mod, or they realize why the Recipe Edits were made in the first place, and no longer need this mod.

Disadvantages and Support
While I do intend to fix bugs, and add any requested features, this mod will most likely break the "Total Raw" calculations, and I do not intend on fixing this.
I do not also plan on making balance changes, or "fixing" the balance any recipes, these are purely just the vanilla recipes, unbalanced or not.
This mod is NOT compatible with Krastorio 2, and never will be.

-Fix Nuclear Recipes
-Fix technologies?

Got an idea, bug report, suggestion? Throw it in Discussion, or send me a PM on Discord: TheNoble#3409
I'm also in the Factorio discord, and Space Exploration Discord!