Industrial Revolution - Compatibility Fixes

Compatibility fixes/changes for Industrial Revolution 2 for Krastorio 2 Modules, Infinite Tech, Schall Auto Linked Chest, Nuclear Fuel, and other mods, plus some toggle-able tweaks for K2 as well.

2 days ago
27 days ago
Latest Version:
0.0.13 (2 days ago)
Factorio version:
495 times

I'm very new to modding. This was mostly done for personal use, but I figured it was worth uploading if anyone else happened to be interested in using this.

Adds Industrial Revolution 2 compatibility for the following mods:

- Jetpacks (fixes technology issue, but there is still a crash if trying to use IR2's Transmat while flying with Jetpack. Just be sure to be on the ground when teleporting)
- Angel's Addons - Mass Transit
(Duplicate technologies problem fixed with IR2 itself)
- Krastorio 2 Modules
- Infinite Tech will take into account IR2's Inserter Capacity Bonus changes
- Schall Auto Linked Chest will be unlocked with Steel Milestone
- Adds back Plutonium in Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing if Nuclear Fuel and Krastorio 2 are also installed
- Nuclear Fuel mod recipes require Shielded Steel Plate instead
- Compatibility for Geothermal, courtesy of KILLALLHUMANZ1010
- Removes Production, Utility, Optimization, and Matter Tech Cards from Electric Lab if K2 is installed
- If K2 is installed, the item icons for several items will use IR2's icon instead of K2's for consistency
- Other recipe changes from other mods, taking IR2's tech progression into account

Plus, has the following tweaks (these can be toggled in the Startup Settings):

  • Re-adds K2 Air Purifiers to the game
  • Re-adds IR2's Transmat technology
  • Can disable K2's Planetary Teleporter (this setting and the one above essentially lets you choose whether you want one or the other or both)
  • Adjusts recipes for K2 tech cards so they take 5 times as long, but give 5 times as much, similar to regular K2. Also adds 5 blank tech cards as an ingredient for all Tech Cards that didn't have them originally
  • Adjusts labs speeds on Krastorio 2 labs so they match the tech progression with IR2's lab speeds (normally, IR2's labs that are unlocked sooner are faster than K2's labs that are unlocked later)
  • Adds K2 Advanced Lab as an ingredient to Quantum Labs