Resource Spawner Overhaul

by orzelek

Overhauls resource spawning system.

13 days ago
0.14 - 1.1

g PyMods Update

2 months ago

Hello, PyMods needs an RSO update for some changes and for a new mod

a month ago

Quick question about the RSO update. Did this update intentionally make it so the starting area only spawns with a few of the resources? I'm seeing Iron, Copper, Stone, Raw Coal, Biosample, and Aluminum. In the past I've seen Tin, Lead, Chromium, Ancient Ruins, Rare Earth, etc.

a month ago

Can you check without RSO?
If they are there then it would be TwentyEighty decision or they were like that in rso before.

a month ago

If I load a new map with just the Py Mods I get Iron, Copper, Stone, Quartz, Chromium, Lead, Raw Coal, Nickle, Aluminum, Titanium, Tin, and Biosample. If I load with Py Mods and RSO 6.2.15 I get Iron, Copper, Stone, Aluminum, Raw Coal, and Biosample. If I load Py Mods and RSO 6.2.14 I get all the resources.

a month ago

Hello, yes this was intentional, due to the imminent beta release of the brand new pymods. All of those other ores have been moved out of starting area with or without RSO. Moving forward only those 6 ores you listed will be starting ores for pymods.

a month ago

New version of rso (6.2.17) should have both old and new config and select one based on version.
Can you check if it works correctly?

a month ago

It does work correctly thank you!

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