Resource Spawner Overhaul

by orzelek

Overhauls resource spawning system.

13 days ago
0.14 - 1.1

b No ores in starting area

9 months ago

Not sure if this is an RSO issue or Angel's issue, but every time I try to generate a new map, I only get coal in the starting area. I only see this issue with Angel's ores.

Is this a known problem, or do I maybe have something configured incorrectly in my mod settings?

9 months ago

RSO should work with Angel's ores but there are a lot of settings that can affect that.
Please check if any of ore generations is enabled in RSO (vanilla or RSO one).
I'd need a save to sync settings if you have different ones then default plus to sync mods since it can vary - can be through forums or link to some file transfer site here.

9 months ago

Hey, thanks for the quick response! I double-checked the settings for Angel's Refining and all of the Angel Ores were disabled in the starting area.


I have Seablock running on an alternate save and I think that disabled them, and they didn't get re-enabled when I tried to generate a new save. I'll just reset my mod settings. I really wish I'd caught that before I made this post lol

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