Resource Spawner Overhaul

by orzelek

Overhauls resource spawning system.

13 days ago
0.14 - 1.1

i Code for supporting Dark Matter Replicators +18 by Honktown

2 years ago

I don't know how to make a mod that adds things to another mod, so here, Let me know if you can't just slap this into your mod, if you need anything more to add in tenemut to the mod, let me know, feel free to ping me in the discord server as well, same name in there as i have here (If you're in there that is), my PMs are open there also

function fillDarkMatterReplicators18Config(config)

    config["dmr18-tenemut"] =
            spawn_per_region={min=1, max=2},
            size={min=5, max=20},

            starting = {richness=15000, size=10, probability=1},



2 years ago

There is a config already for mod named Dark Matter - resource is named tenemut. It's in the darkmatter.lua file.
Is there some relation between those?
It had a bit more ore in starting area and lower allotment. I'm also trying to keep spawns per region to 1.
Can you take a look and check if those differences are meant to be? I'm guessing that your new one might be better. I'd prefer it without max=2 on spawns per region - can increase richness to compensate a bit.

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

The name for the ore in the new version is called dmr18-tenemut, but is literally no different otherwise I think. Probly shoulda just lead with that

Also yeah I don't care what the configs are to be, i mainly just wanted to type it out in case you hadn't, tho that is useful info for when I add my own ores to RSO

2 years ago

When I'm making the configs it's quite often a bit of guess work. If you have tested numbers I can use them or just reuse the previous ones just make it work for both mods.

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

Nah, I don't have any tested numbers, i immediately just threw that code together after I saw that the current named version of tenemut isn't in the mod.

As far as I remember though, your previous numbers were just fine for the past version of tenemut, honestly the problems, if any, that i had with the mod, was that the replicators were a bit too strong and needed fine-tuning on my end.

2 years ago

I was searching for this mod... and sorry but please get together and make one Dark Matter replicators mod.. ?
There are like 2 copies for 0.17 and 2 or 3 more of 0.18 including one that works correctly.

Is there a version that is considered official?

2 years ago

I've added some code in todays version to apply same ore settings for both Dark Matter mod variants.

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

Thank you so much! <3

Also sorry, i didn't see your reply until now, i also thought i replied too, but i guess i was imagining that, my bad Dx

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