RPG Items

by OwnlyMe

63 items, 30 effects, lots of fun!

1 year, 5 months ago
0.17 - 0.18

g Weird thing every second when coins update?

2 years ago

I am technically not sure if it's this RPG items mod that's having an issue, but i keep getting a spam of:
^ in my chatwindow every second that the coins are updated, so i just assume it's the rpg-items mod .. xD
Any idea what is the cause of it? o.o
(game still fully playable, i just have those things spammed on my screen xD)

2 years ago

Update : deactivated rpgitems + spellpack and just running the RPGSystem mod and that spam is gone.

Can conclude that it's NOT the system mod :3

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

i couldnt find anything... are you sure you only deactivated rpgitems and spellpack? :D
any hint what spell or effect could be related to this?
could also be another mod getting triggered by something in my mod...

2 years ago

Something must've updated somewhere.. cuz now that spam has all stopped.... WELP xD

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