Rocket Turret

Adds a new turret type that uses rocket ammo as well as different types of rockets. Turrets have a range limiter and increased explosive resistances to help with rocket mechanics. Work very well in tight groups.
2 years ago
Owner: LethargicChii
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.0.8 (2 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.15
Downloaded: 2196 times

This mod will add turrets that fire rockets and new rocket types. They have a minimum range similar to the flamethrower turrets and explosive and fire resistances to help with rocket mechanics. Turrets can fire over walls, and benefit from gun turret damage increases.

Currently there are 3 different types. Basic Rocket Turret to be used during the early stages of the game, Advanced Rocket Turret, and Nuclear Rocket Turret for later stages.

There are also now currently 2 new rockets. A crude rocket for early game, and a poison rocket for later.

Yes! You CAN put nukes in them. Though I'd only put them in the nuclear turret which has the range to safely fire them.

Main Discussion of Mod:

v 0.0.8

Added Poison Rocket
-Added Hybrid Rocket Technology - Lyneria takes credit for tech name
-Nuclear turret max range changed from 80 to 55 to avoid activation bug
-Minor code changes and description corrections.
-Removed old code that boosted the damage of the advanced rocket turret when gun turret research tech was also researched. They are already powerful enough as it is. (if they need a damage boost, I can re-implement this, but in a better way.)

0.0.7 Massive Changes

I have completely restructured the mod and tiered the now 3 available turrets. The technology has also been changed and reworked, please let me know if the migration scripts fail. Entities have been renamed but the migration script should take care of renaming them. I've added custom ammo.lua for Crude Rockets and future ammo plans. I know the masks (the part of the turret that gets colored when you /color "color") are ugly, but, until I get around to doing them, it's the best solution I have right now.

I am aware of a bug with the nuclear turrets; They do not engage new targets until the targets are nearly outside of minimum range after clearing all inside of it's range. Removing and replacing them corrects the issue until it happens again. Unloading and reloading will not fix it. I don't know how to fix it currently, so they are in danger of being shelved next update. Please let me know if you would like them to stay despite this bug.

!!! My migration scripting is basic, so for now, you will need to research the turrets again. I'm sorry for this. !!!

-Basic Rocket Turret added with custom base image and original rocket turret extension graphic
-Crude Rocket added for use with Basic Rocket Turret
-Rocket Turret renamed to Advanced Rocket Turret and updated with new turret extension graphic
-Rocket Turrets technology renamed to Advanced Rocket Turrets It will need to be researched again
-Little code corrections and clean up

Known Issues:
Nuclear Turret does not engage new targets until nearly outside of minimum range after clearing all inside of it's range. Remove and replace when this happens to correct until fixed.

-Custom Graphics for the Rocket Turret ADDED!
-Removed shell particle from entity rocket-turret.lua code

Nuclear Turret has now been added!

-Minimum Attack range set to 43
-Maximum Attack range set to 80
-Currently able to fire 360 degrees.
-Custom icon
-Green colorize until custom graphics completed
-HP set to 250 (This is less than the regular gun turret. Protect it!)
-Technology Nuclear Turrets added and tiered to require "Rocket Turrets"

- Limited range angle to .45 (Turret is no longer allowed to rotate outside of this range)
- Semi-Custom icon and technology graphics!
- Colored turret extension for easier differentiation between a regular gun turret and a Rocket Turret.

- Corrected recipe enabled by defualt. (NOW you have to research it.)

-Rocket Turrets added

Credit for how I learned to make this mod goes wodzu93 and his scattergun turrets.
Hybrid Rocket technology name credit goes to Lyneria