Resource Autoplace KAIZEN

by B_head
Improve the 0.17 autoplace to resources, enemy base, trees and rocks. Provides an API that can be used by other mods.
3 months ago
Owner: B_head
Source: B-head/resource_autoplace_kaizen
License: MIT
Created: 3 months ago
Latest Version: 0.17.4 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 114 times


This mod improves the spot noise based autoplace added in 0.17. It's like RSO. Providing an API for configuration, other MODs make it easy to add resources.

The generation of resources does not change from the spot noise base, but has been improved in the following points.
- In addition to starting area resources, guarantee that oil and uranium are also in the right place.
- Iron, copper and coal are more placed closer to the center.
- Because the stone is a little away from the center to append a good challenge to the early game.
- Oil is placed in more stable amounts.
- In the near area is the frequency of resource placed is the same as vanilla, but the farther to go, the lower the frequency of placed.
- Resources will be placed away from the trees.
- More trees are placed at high moisture.
- Placed the dead trees to concentrated.
- Placed the rocks in the lowland.
- The starting area has a more stable area.
- The setting for starting area size is adjusted by area, not by radius.
- The placement of the enemy base is biased towards high moisture.
- Behemoth worms will be encountered earlier.

Also, because you are using an existing system, you can use map preview. Map settings are also reflected properly for all parameters.

Support for other mods

This MOD has a function to convert other MOD resources automatically to conform to this MOD.However, because it does not consider the game balance, it is desirable to be officially supported by each MOD developer.

Because I provide an API, I will not individually support to setting up resource autoplace for other mods. If you like, please let each mod developer know the existence of this mod! If the mod developer likes this, they will be ready to use this mod.