Resource Map Label Marker

by kizrak

Creates resource map label markers when chunks get generated and charted. See resources through fog of war. Please review settings and consult details below before starting!! πŸš€ #icon #resources #map #reveal #label #markers #chunks #generated #chart #tag #map #ore #count #fog of war

4 months ago
0.17 - 1.1

i Extended tag?

4 years ago

It is a Good mod for me. I like it. But it Will be perfect for me if it could put not only icon+quantity, but it adds a label (as "iron"+Icon+quantity, or copper+Icon+quantity).

4 years ago

It's important when number or resources multiplies with some big mods.

4 years ago

So you want the icon to be the resource's icon, and you want the text to say the resource's name follow by the amount?

4 years ago

Yes, it is not necessary, but...

4 years ago

I can look into this, but my previous experience trying to do things with translations (like item/resource names) has been challenging.

4 years ago

Take it easy. :) It is a Good mod as it is now.

3 years ago

Should be a new setting in v0.5.15 !

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