Recipe, why are you hidden!

by atchoum

With this mod, you can easily find any recipe that is missing from crafting (after updates, it can happen) and activate it. There is also a button that can scan and list for you all the recipes that are wrongly unavailable. That saved my game.

3 years ago
0.14 - 0.16
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.1.2 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.16
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It's say here "Long mod description".. So here we go.. The full story behind the curtain.

This idea of this mod came from the problem I currently experienced with a heavily modded game and also an excellent mod in Beta (Angel's smelting).
So, it was clear that problems could occur quicker.. and, well, that happened.

After an update of several mods (Angel's smelting inluded), a lot changed (as expected)..
But no problem, I enjoy that kind of challenge.
Quickly though, I was confronted with a big bad problem.
The newly introduced building, the sintering oven, I only had access to the Mk4 one, not the 3 others.
And the mk4 needs a Mk3 to be build.. Damn it!

So impossible for me to go on with my playthrough. I could make my tungsten plates with my multi-purpose electric furnaces.
But.. No, I couldn't. I was frustrated. I wanted the full tungsten process.. The beautiful complete process line with those beautiful buildings.

Having noticed the problem, I also checked for other stuffs maybe missing and dicovered missing Pellet press and Ore processing machines.

Sooo.. I decided to help myself and build this mod that will offer me the possibility to enable & disable recipes easily.
And better, have a scan of all my recipes for the technologies I already researched and check if they are correctly showed.

And here it is.
I waited to have a working mod with a vanilla game before reloading my current playthrough and test it, and.. surprise..
18 recipes were unavailable to me (lots of fluid barreling)..


On a technical note.
Each time the Gui is opened, it scans 1 time all the techs and recipes and keep the infos in arrays and only play with them afterwards (all the searches you do).
It then changes the status of recipes and techs in the game when you check / uncheck the options available.
You can install and remove it any time.
No dependencies.

NB: And without fogetting to mention...

A big thanks to MrDoomah for his mod "What is it used" for that helps me a lot to understand how to build a mod and manipulate these damned gui elements.

All the images in this mod were taken from openclipart and are under CC0 1.0 Universal licence
The Chilli,Prik Kee Noo Thai by aungkarns
The Mad scientist by Eva.M1
Mono close, mono mail ignore & mono mail ham by dannya
Wand icon by Klàro