Pyanodons Coal Processing

Adds coal processing lines to the game.

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g oleochemicals with prod mods

2 years ago
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The oleochemicals recipe that produces oleochemicals and glycerol allows productivity modules. A consequence of using them is that it outputs more cold steam than it consumes water, and what could otherwise be a closed loop steam cooling cycle then turns into one where you need to siphon off either cold steam or water and find some way to get rid of it. This doesn't seem to be intended to me since both of those are weirdly awkward to deal with.

Also, the dedicated-oleochemicals recipe doesn't allow prod mods so again I'm thinking the above is likely unintended and the oleochemicals recipe also shouldn't allow prod mods.

(My thinking right now as to how to get rid of the excess water is to put in a boiler and turn it into real steam that I send into a steam engine; then connect this to a separate power grid that has a bank of radars which will consume the power and so ensure I can always void that water. It all seems a bit odd but then maybe there are better ways to void water?)

Edit: my sinkhole just filled up and got rid of the water for me. I didn't expect it to work as water isn't listed on the sinkhole list in the py info tool, but this does take care of my problem.

2 years ago

Assuming you have industries installed use the sink hole to eliminate the water or tailings pond to vent the gas.

2 years ago

I didn't think of using a tailings pond for the cold steam. I have tried a gas vent for that before and seem to recall it wouldn't work so figured cold steam was just not intended for voiding. Thanks for the tip!

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