Pyanodons Coal Processing

Adds coal processing lines to the game.

a month ago

b No raw coal on whole map

2 years ago

I've changed the raw coal spawning option to 133% frequency and now it's not spawning on any of my maps that i create, i changed it back to 100% same thing happened, i've changed to default settings , same thing , then I've restarted the game , same thing, no raw coal on whole map.... I have no mods that change ore generation so idk wtf happened , before (week ago) everything worked fine , now something happened and idk wtf is it.

2 years ago

make sure your running version 2.1.8 of pyrawores. there was an issue in the code that was causing raw coal to not show up. that version has fixed it for everyone else thats reported the issue. let me know if that doesnt work

2 years ago

Ty ^^ everything works now , i haven't been in the update tab for a whileeee so that's what caused it , Ty very much

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