Pyanodons Coal Processing

Adds coal processing lines to the game.

a month ago

g Glass?

2 years ago

Am I missing something? Is it a Bob/Angel/Py incompatibility?

I need glass to make Science. Which requires crystal to be smelted in a glass works. To make a glassworks mk 01 I need Simple Circuit boards. Which require vacuum tubes which I need glass to make....

I can't make glass without having glass in the first place...

2 years ago

I do have touched by angles

2 years ago

Also ceramic is part of what you need to make simple circuit boards and you can't make ceramic until it is researched but you need the glass to get the boards to get the research....

2 years ago

Yes there are likely compatibility issues between ab and py

2 years ago

Looks like it is. I loaded only PY and you needed simple circuit boards yes. But the default recipe has a handcraft version without glass. With bob/angel it looks like there is hand craft for the printed circuit substrate 1 but not the simple. So it breaks there. Thanks for your reply. Either I gotta learn how to edit touched by angel or whatever its called, cheat in what stucks me when i get to it or pray that they update that mod... its been 4 months and I know 1.0 releases soon so maybe they're waiting? Thanks.

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