Pyanodons Coal Processing

Adds coal processing lines to the game.

a month ago

g Praise for graphics, and some questions

6 years ago

I really like the graphics of your mod! They really stand out. Well done!

Some 'review' questions:
Is there a reason why the gassifier has its inputs angled? It makes for an awkward build.
I found it rather annoying that I couldn't make medium poles by hand anymore. You need them so often.
Also, in my current game, I'm producing a large heap of tar that I have no use for. Making rails and electric poles consumes only so much creolite. Are there more uses for that?

6 years ago

Take a look at his post:

Tar uses in future versions.

I have to agree, the graphics are spectacular and I can't wait until the more advanced buildings come out and I can incorporate them with bobs and angelmod. Good job Py!

6 years ago
(updated 6 years ago)

Sorry for late answer people. In the forum thread im more active. Well, Tar will have a great uses in late game, im developing it. About the medium posts AND rails, both will need creosote to be build, but with the next release, creosote will be used too in other things eheh. It should be ok now. In the next release, there´s a lot of new stuff comming. :) If you wanna see progress, take a look in the link Shadowstrik1 posted above.

3 years ago

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