Power Combinator

Have power consumption and power production as signals in your circuit network, with enabled capabilities to measure the electric network statistics up to about 1.8 × 10^308 watts. Additional envelope signals for maximal projected electric production/consumption are also provided. We use the electric network id for accounting of all calculated values within that electric network

11 days ago
0.17 - 1.1
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
1 year, 1 day ago
Latest Version:
4.3.1 (11 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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Ever wondered how to get those numbers from the electric network info pane into your circuit network?

Behold the Power Combinator!

This combinator type outputs power consumption and power production statistics of an electric network in watts as signals to the connected combinator networks. Following unique signals for the connected electric network are provided:

  • current consumption rate (W)

  • current production rate (W)

  • maximal possible consumption rate (W)

  • maximal possible production rate (W)

  • internal prescaling factor X as user combinator setting for each Power Combinator in the form value = input × 1 / 10 ^ X for all values sent to the combinator network

  • all five values sent to combinator network are custom signals

  • our related project: Capacity Combinator



  • circuit network
  • electric energy distribution 1
  • optics


  • 50x automation science pack
  • 50x logistic science pack
  • 30s time


  • 2x constant combinator
  • 1x red wire
  • 2x small lamp
  • 15s time

Map settings

  • update rate: sets the refresh rate for the data submitted to circuit network (as ticks)


We haven't discovered any incompatibilities with other mods to date. Please report on the mod page discussion if any incompatibilities are discovered.


Version 4

In this release we added the urgently missing features:

  • max. producers and max. consumers sums of the connected electric network are sent to the combinator network. We introduce this feature for better automatic control of the electric grid, since it enables the user to have envelope curves matched to the current production/consumption rates in the combinator calculations. These values are only available in 1.1 game version due to in-game Lua API changes
  • the current wire distance for the combinator is extended to 9 tiles

Version 3

In this release we added the urgently missing features:

  • scale factor for all values for scaling the internal double to int of the combinator network. This addition enables the user to scale her electric network measurements up to about 1.8 × 10^308 watts and avoids the limitation of 2GW for these signals
  • the Power Combinator gets internal connections, the requirement of three explicit connections for functioning in the version 2 is dropped
  • the current wire distance for the combinator is set to 5 tiles

After the update the v2 combinator in the map will stop working and the user is required to remove (mine) the combinator, place it again and add user's required combinator network connections. The user needs to take care not to connect different power electric networks together through the combinator, similar to v2. The combinator is now used like any other item and the connection requirements from v2 are dropped. We hope this is the last incompatible update since the feature set is mostly complete.

Version 2

Since version 2 the combinator needs three distinct connections

The first direct connection is to an electric pole within the power provider network. Through this connection we get the amount of supplied power from the provider network.

The second direct connection is to a lamp within the power provider network. This lamp is attached to the power combinator via circuit network connection only, while being supplied by the power provider network. This lamp is our sensor for power consumption within the provider network. The lamp itself is never turned on as this influences the power consumption stats for no reason.

The third direct connection is made via a proxy pole, which is NOT connected to any electric networks anywhere itself. The only connection through this pole is the circuit network connection of the analyzing network.


  • the reference pictures are for the version 4.2.1 of the Power Combinator on Factorio 1.1.5
  • the Power Combinator terminals are marked cyan for circuit network and yellow for copper wire connections
  • the symbols on the reference pictures are: provider max. (PM), consumer max. (CM), provider current (P), consumer current (C), scaling factor (X)
  • during underprovisioning of the electric network the demand is suddenly reported to be higher than expected. Although this seems to be same behavior as observed in the electric network statistics of factorio, the electric demand of the consumers seems to increase if underprovisioned and resets when P > C or P < PM are true for C demand