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packing the stuff out there

3 years ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
3 years ago
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0.1.0 (3 years ago)
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Do you ever wondered why so sensitive items are open in the wild and totally exposed to the environment, biters and decompostion, fear not here is the mod which will protect this all and keep the items in mint condition.

You need to produce some packing materials and deal afterward with used packing materials and ship them around.
You can either burn the used or to an extend reuse the packing materials

For now only some items (electronic-circuit, advanced-circuits, processing-unit, rocket-control-unit, inserter, transport-belt, engine-unit, electric-engine-unit) are packed.

Such packed items will be unpacked in assemblers and produce beside the item also the unpacked materials
Be aware this mod could lead to some ridiculous production-changes
Its fairly difficult to implement this in a grown mature thigh factory.

Its just a small mod but fiddles around with high/volumes items and closed circular processes

The packing is done via functions, so if you want to pack some other things just use the packing function (see in FAQ)

And after all we want to do things as complicated as possible…..
If you see some resemblance to reality – you are correct

The gfx is very bleak / simple but i am working on that :oops:
I consider this mod as very early work in progress, so no guaranty is made in any directions.
Feedback (bad or good, but preferable good) is greatly appreciated