Modular Storage

Modular storage is a storage system that can store and show a lot of resources. and can be imported and exported in multiple ways
2 months ago
0.15 - 0.17
Owner: Runesmacher
Source: Runesmacher/Modular_Storage
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.2.0 (2 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.17
Downloaded: 4022 times

Modular storage

This is a mod that allows you to build a big stockpile to store your items.
Items can be pumped in with input belts and can be taken out by output belts.
A interface chest is also available, which can be set as an input or an output chest.

This mod is in early stage and bugs may occure, please report them ;)


It is preffered to create a big stockpile from the tiles first, and later add the controller, since this will scan the stockpile for its connected blocks.
When adding/removing a tile after a stockpile is placed, the whole stockpile will be rechecked for connected tiles, which can be a issue for performance.

You can add an inventory pannel to know what is actually stored inside the stockpile and use that in the circuit network.

To set the output items:
Hover over a belt while holding the item you want to output and press ALT + Q to set lane 1 and ALT + E to set lane 2
The lanes can be cleared by pressing the keybind with an emty cursor

To set the interfaces:
By default the interface will work as an input. To set output items, hover over it while holding the item you want to set and press ALT + W, this will add one stack of that item to the interface when availeble.
Pressing ALT + W multiple times will add that item again until all slots will have an item set.
Pressing the keybind with an emty cusor will remove the last item that is set from the interface filter. Note: it will not remove it from the interface itself.

Note keybinds for A/Q and Z/W are swapped by default by factorio when using an AZERTY keyboard.


If you would like to help or have sugestions, please put them in the discussion section
Better textures for all the componts
Complete balance of energy/item/research

Change Log


decreased tile mining time
corrected belt interaction
Removed stdlib files from my mod, now depending on the stdlib mod


Fixed issue with multiple tiles connected to an interface


Fixed error when placement of object fails since API update
Changed default keybinds to use ALT


Ported to 0.17


Fixed energy interface being read only


Updated to 0.16.x, tested with 0.16.16


Changed technology logo
Checked and tested with 0.15.36


initial testing