Modpack SE + K2 + BZ ores + 248k

Complex modpack SE + K2 + BZ + 248k. All necessary mods added to dependencies. Remade tab groups. Added my own restack.

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A very long mod to complete. I can compare it in volume to the bobangel mod. The passage involves playing with a rampant, so it is required, but a sea of arsenal has also been added for destroying biters.
My blueprints and saves
If you want a complex version of these mods then you can try the All The Overhauls modpack. More ores, mechanisms and recipes.


Description Logistics Production Modules Energy Defense
Stage 1 Start of the game, first production. Entering Chemical Science Using steam transport drones (cars) or bus Steel furnaces and foundries | Electric assembling machines Steam engines and than gas burners Dart / bullet turrets
Stage 2 Logistics is changing dramatically with the use of trains. Entering Rocket Science Using LTN Electic furnance and foundries | Nuclear assembling machines Tier 3 modules Nuclear reactors Dart / bullet turrets + laser + flamethrowers
Stage 3 Flight to orbit and new ores. Entering Tier 3 Space Science Using LTN / rockets / drones / Space elevator More profitable melting via pyroflux | Advanced furnance | Advanced assembling machines | Advanced Chemical Plants Tier 6 modules Fusion reactors and solar panels on orbit Comprehensive defense with different types of damage


  • As for resources: it is also recommended to set the initial resources to at least 150%, and preferably 200% because with 100% there will be an acute shortage of ores from Nauvis.
  • As for territory: I recommend turning off the water to a minimum and turning off the rocks so as not to waste time on these things.
  • As for enemies: turn off evolution since it will depend only on the number of sciences studied, I prefer to make the starting zone from 100% to 200% so as not to look too far for resources, the size and frequency of enemy bases can be left at 100% because with a rampant, biters and so pretty strong. But if you are crazy, you can try to go to 600% of enemy bases.

Some default mods setting will already be changed.
I recommend to use my QOL modpack -


  • new brass pipes (60 undergroud distance and 150 volume)
  • new clear air recipe for biogarden from only water but less effectivity
  • new module "pollution creator + efficiency 1" which can put in biogarden
  • compatibility update for Rampant Arsenal
  • added pipes to 248k assembling machines for allow recipes with fluid
  • added modules to bz_foundry assembling
  • moved tech for append count of beacons of 248k mod to early game because recipes too much
  • added conversion of dirty water from k2 mode to 248k and vice versa
  • rebalance equipment
  • rebalance trains, wagons, cars
Cargo Vanilla Cargo Space Cargo Maglev 1 Cargo Maglev 2 Fluid Vanilla Fluid Space Fluid Maglev 1 Fluid Maglev 2
stacks / volume 40 50 60 70 25k 50k 75k 100k
Max speed 2 2.5 3 4 2 2.5 3 4
Vanilla Locomotive Diesel Locomotive Kr Nuclear Locomotive Rampant Nuclear Locomotive Space Locomotive Maglev 1 Locomotive Maglev 2 Locomotive
Max speed with fuel (km/h) 216 419 432 432 540 648 864
Base power (MW) 1 2 2.25 2.25 2.5
Max acceleration from equip (%) 75 100 150 150 200
Grid size 6x6 9x6 12x6 12x6 15x6 15x9 15x12
Max speed 1 1.25 2 2 2.5 3 4
Reversing power modifier 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.7 0.8 0.9 1
Car Advanced Car Nuclear car Tank Advanced tank Nuclear Tank Kr Advanced Tank
Grid size 6x6 9x9 12x12 12x12 15x15 18x18 18x18
Consumption (MW) 0.5 2.5 5 1 5 15 15

Own restack settings

Changed Tab Groups