by OwnlyMe

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6 months ago
0.17 - 0.18


- Fixed an error so it doesn't crash anymore but have no time to re-do the gui right now

- Improved compatibility with mods that add more storage tanks (?)
- Added support for mods that remove the player character
- Fixed a bug in the get_price function

- You can now sell items from deadlock's stacking

- Improved support for Better Cable Making

- Items in itemselector should now be arranged like the recipes
- Added support for Bot servicing

- Added an api to recalculate prices
- Entities won't buy items or fluid when recipes are updating

- Reduced price efficiency of the market accumulator by 10%
- Increased the electricity price by 10%
(So the electricity selling price remains unchanged but you're paying 20% more when buying electricity.)
- Added a setting to disable electricity-buying... There are so many creative mods for approaching the outpost power(-outage) problem that the accumulator feels too easy imo ... you decide :)
- Fixed bought ammo not going into the ammo inventory

- Fixed a bug with the new api function

- Added api function "is_item_buyable" for market2_autobuy_0.18.5

- Added support for reverse factory, creative mod, ore transmutation, liquify science
- Smoothened entity energy consumption

- Added an option to set the max recipes per item for the improved performance mode

- Changed the "improve performance" method...
  If it freezes your game again, use 0.18.23

- Clarified warnings on the performance options..
- Fixed a bug with them

- Fixed not showing modded raw resources that can be mined
- Reduced selling price of undetected raw items to 0.15 (from 1)

- Entity guis will get closed automatically when the entity is destroyed/mined
- Added a lot of safety precautions in case the entity was script-removed

- Removed the logistic cost calculation i introduced in 0.18.19
- Increased the time price by 10%
- Slightly improved the burnt_result costs
- More support for apm_nuclear and whistle stop factories

- Added per-player setting to determine how many quick bars you have to help the gui size calculation
- Improved support for apm_nuclear

- Fixed the lag when opening the inventory market

- Corrected the price of meteorites (liquid science ingredient for space science)
- Fixed sorting of the item groups

- Improved gui size calculation
- Gui size calculation now uses number of logistic slots
- Added support for whistle stop factories and other "too-good-to-be-true" assembling machines
- Improved support for "expanded rocket payloads" but their item prices are still quite buggy
- Added support for Q's Cable-Making Mod (max. 3 cables per copper plate)
- Added the ability to copy entity settings
- Entity settings will now get stored inside blueprints

- The guis should now always refresh when the gui dimensions change (research, armor change, window resize)
- Slightly improved gui size calculation
- Added a shortcut to open the buying gui (default: shift + e)
- Fixed a bug when buying ammo
- When buying ammo, your vehicle's inventory will get preferred

- Added support for my upcoming mod "Market - Golden Samples" by always showing items in the market that start with "marketitem-" regardless of the recipe being enabled
- Increased Electricity Price
- Improved API for the AutoBuy mod
- Weapons, Armor and Ammo will get auto-equipped if possible

- Improved accumulator graphics
- Added an API for my new mod "Market - AutoBuy"
- Fixed a bug when an item/fluid prototype was removed that one of the entities was set up to buy

- Added entities for selling and buying fluids, items and electricity
- Improved guis
- Adjusted prices
- Seperate settings for item, fluid and electricity selling multipliers

- Fixed wrong selling prices for items with unknown raw materials
- Added a setting for the selling price multiplier
- Alien ore now costs 2.25$/piece
- Alien solar panels and accumulators now cost 2x as many alien plates

- Removed the debug message
- Added support for "Alien Loot Economy"
- Added raw ingredients to the market

- Moved 1 performance optimization i just made to the "improve performance" setting because it screwed up a particular enrichment mechanic with amator's phasma
- Added support for "Strange Matter"
- Improved performance by ~30x (without drawbacks)
- Fixed issues with deadlock stacking
- Fixed the lag when opening the inventory
- Many more optimizations

- Ignoring "compressing-", "decompressing-", "creative-mod_free-fluid-" and "deadlock-stacks-" recipes
- Added a performance mode, which might result in missing some enrichment mechanics and didn't really make it loadable with 4000+ recipes (default off)
- Optimized the gui for more than 5 recipe groups

- Added a setting for maximal scanning depth

- Improved support for "Amator Phasma's Nuclear"
- Improved support for "Bottled Science" (to be exact the space science pack)

- Improved the recipe calculation (will be a lot faster and support enrichment mechanics)
- Reduced Price of unknown base resources
- Reduced energy price
- Crafting machines will get chosen more intelligently (based on energy/time prices)
- Several gui improvements
- Added support for "Amator Phasma's Nuclear"