Logistic Cargo Wagon

Cargo wagons which can directly request items from, and provide items to, the logistic network. Configure items to request and provide at each station for each logistic cargo wagon, allowing flexibility in unloading on curves, changing train length easily without building infrastructure, and further boost loading and unloading rate through robot speed research.
2 months ago
0.16 - 0.17

i Wierd automatic removal of request entries

- 4 months ago


i use your wagons for my building train in a train world, its a blessing :-)

I was very confused why, when adjusting the request amount whole entries would just vanish.
I do one of two things: I either use the mouse to select the first number and replace it with a (i.e. 100->400) or i hit backspace/del to remove the first number and type in a new one.

In both cases the number is 0 for a short time and the entry gets removed. I edited the lines and removed that logic.
Maybe you could make the logic a little bit more fool-proof? Maybe only middle-click removes a entry?


- 4 months ago

Yeah - the intent with that was to be able to directly enter 0, but it's way too easy to unintentionally trigger when adjusting the count. Just requiring a right-click on the icon to remove seems consistent enough with the vanilla logistic slots - I'll see about getting this improved.

- 4 months ago

Should be a lot better in the version just uploaded!

- 4 months ago

works like a charm, thanks!