Logistic Cargo Wagon

Cargo wagons which can directly request items from, and provide items to, the logistic network. Configure items to request and provide at each station for each logistic cargo wagon, allowing flexibility in unloading on curves, changing train length easily without building infrastructure, and further boost loading and unloading rate through robot speed research.
2 months ago
0.16 - 0.17

i Compatibility with LTN

- 9 months ago

Looks like a potentially useful mod, but is it compatible with LTN? I don't think I can go back to non-LTN train setups, but would like to be able to remove unloading into chests.

- 9 months ago

Generally speaking it should work, but it'll be a little clunky - the logistic wagons need to be configured with what they should request and provide at each stop, so you'd need to configure one wagon with the relevant pickup/dropoff materials at all of your stations, then paste that onto all of the logistic wagons you want to use with LTN.

Probably not the most practical for a large base using LTN, I'll look into if I can integrate this more closely - you could avoid configuring the logistic wagons altogether if they automatically knew to request the items that LTN was sending it to get.

- 8 months ago

I see this mod has potential, but then i realized i still want to regard trains as if they are bots. I shouldn't need to give manual orders for individual bots, so LTN's depot system is more convenient. But i still think there should be a way to simplify LTN to something not requiring circuits but request UI similar to this mod.

- 8 months ago

Added full LTN support in 0.16.5 - when LTN has sent a train to a station for pickup and delivery, logistic wagons will attempt to request or provide items matching the LTN shipment request as long as they don't already have some kind of configuration for that station.

Let me know how this works out for your use, my hunch is a little more polish is still needed - maybe an extra circuit signal to indicate to the wagons that they should not do the robot unloading behavior at specific LTN stops?

- 7 months ago

If you can enable the train to "set requests" based on circuit signal that the train stop "sends to train", it'd fix any compatibility issue as we would just need to send the requests to the train stop that would then send the signal to the train and the magic would happen, enabling us to make ridiculously small train stops that optimizes train throughput.

- 6 months ago
(updated 6 months ago)

Just tested the mod today in a bob's + angel's + LTN game and it doesn't work. I don't know why. Tried with all different tiers of locomotives but I think it has something to do with the items that its requesting? Right now I only tested a simple Stiratite Ore requesting scenario, where my LTN station is requesting 16k Stiratite ores to a "consumer" station. But when the train arrives at the "mine" station, it doesn't request anything at all. Robots don't start moving to fill the wagon. What am I doing wrong here?

EDIT: it seems that the mod only works with the tech researched, spawning the cargo wagon in creative mode doesn't work.