Leighzer's Morphite

Adds a new supplemental ore that can be processed into the other raw resources.

2 months ago
0.16 - 1.1


Q: This mod is extremely similar to the Omnimatter mod, are you a copy cat?
A:When I started this mod I was unaware such a mod already existed with a similar idea behind it. I heard about the mod before as it is quite popular, but never knew what it actually did. After discovering this, I decided to keep adding to this mod as the processing techniques are more beginner friendly and vanilla friendly than Omnimatter is.

Q: Recipe X is very bad why would I ever use it?
A: The primary intent of the mod is to add a secondary, supplemental way to attain a resource. With that, all recipes are intended to be slightly worse than their vanilla counterparts. This is done so that they do not replace vanilla processes, but can still be used to boost productivity if the player wants to put in the extra work. If you feel a recipe needs to be better balanced reach out and let me know!