Leighzer's Morphite

Adds a new supplemental ore that can be processed into the other raw resources.

3 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

b Dynamic Recipe Errors

7 months ago

There are a few errors with the generation of the new dynamic recipes. See: https://imgur.com/a/8I6PKSq
A few of the recipes have oversized icons, notably Stiratite and Lithium Water from Angel's mods.
It also seems that all of the ores from MadClown01's Extended AngelBob Minerals are duplicated.

7 months ago

Thanks for pointing this out.

I see what you are talking about. I'll list out the issues I see:

Oversized icons: The recipe generator copies any icon variables from the resources it is processing. If you go into the /editor => resources tab, you can see the stiratite icon is over sized there as well, so I believe this is an issue for Angel's Refining.

Duplicate recipes: My hunch on this is the Angel's Infinite Ores mod creates makes a copy of the resource (for the inner infinite core). The recipe gen then then sees the two resources (regular, and infinite version) and makes recipes for them. I think the preferred solution here is that Angel sets leighzermorphiteDisabled = true on the new infinite versions it adds so that the recipe gen skips these resources.

Morphite recipes not in sync with available/minable resources: With this mod set, it also appears that there are recipes available for resources that are not present on the map. Lithia water, purified water, and sulfur are some examples. I think the root of this issue is that the recipe gen is run during the data-updates stage (the assumption being that all mods load in their data in the data stage). I may just have to move the recipe gen to the data-final-fixes stage.

I'll reach out to the mod authors and get their take on these issues. I've tried to lay out a pattern where external mods can override the default recipe gen behavior so they can manage their compatibility with Morphite rather than all the responsibility being on Morphite.


7 months ago

For the time being due to time constraints Morphite isn't going to be compatible with those particular mods. I'll try to do some testing with the different popular mod packs out there, and update the 'Incompatible' list to save players some time.

Down the road, I may implement the changes needed for compatibility and wittle down the incompatibility list.

I appreciate the enthusiasm. For now Morphite will stay as a Vanilla+ mod. Considering the pack you are using I would suggest you take a look at Omnimatter.

7 months ago

I don't think it is necessary to mark these mods as incompatible, the recipes created work perfectly well and the duplicates are not a functional problem at all.

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