King Jo's Warhammer 40K Iron Fist Dreadnought

Adds a Warhammer 40K Iron Fist Dreadnought. It has a cannon, a bolter and can speak on command.

4 months ago

i Power Armor

11 months ago

Any thoughts of adding new versions of power armor for the character. Such as regular space marine armor, terminator armor or possibly even this? Although I do understand a Dreadnought more being a vehicle. Terminator or Space Marine armor as an upgraded power armor would be an amazing addition though!

11 months ago
(updated 11 months ago)

Maybe one day. But then definitely with new graphics. You see rigging and animating a character and then rendering it in different angles is a lot of work. And I mean a LOT. Maybe if people will pay me a little for such a huge project I might start it. (Not to mention that modelling takes even more time or money when buying good ones).

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