King Jo's Warhammer 40K Iron Fist Dreadnought

Adds a Warhammer 40K Iron Fist Dreadnought. It has a cannon, a bolter and can speak on command.

4 months ago

g Cult of Mechanicus vs Tyranids

11 months ago

Hi! I am very interested in creating a big mod with the theme of Cult Mechanicus vs Tyranids. What i want is to basically reskin all the structures to fit to the style of the glorious Imperium design. and then replace aliens with Tyranids.

However, i know only basic coding and only messed around with modding Final Fantasy XII (which is 3d and quite different than 2d sprite system of Factorio)

I have already checked various tutorials but it would be dope if you held my hand virtually and showed me how you did what you did, so i can go through the process myself and create a mod which we WH40k fans need.
It would be even better if you or anyone else interested in working together on this. My profession is art design so i am more focused on skinning and modelling.

11 months ago

that's an interesting idea. I'd be down to do this with you. I already made a tutorial on how to make spritesheets for Factorio:
I wanted to make another one explaining the basics in actually creating a mod for Factorio. Would this be the kinda help you'd need the most? I'll do this firstly then.

I'm not bad in modelling however I like texturing and "making things look good in renders" more and am quite experienced in creating Factorio mods in general (if I may say so).

11 months ago

That video will be quite helpful! I am mainly interested in designing aspects. As a test i will try to make a hormagaunt spritesheet with textures that could fit to the game, so i guess i will need a way that is as fast as possible to see it in game, which i have no clue of...

If there was someone else that would be interested in coding aspects of things, i guess it would made things easier to come to life. But if we can't, well, i will have to rely on a lot of tutorials ^^

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