JR Element 84

Science to liquid, liquid to mats and much more thanks to mysterious Element 84! Check ModPortal link for more info. All in early stage, things will change over time.

1 year, 6 months ago
1 year, 6 months ago
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This is a "Liquid" mod I made for my personal use, but I think You guys will have fun with it!

I present to you Element 84 - a mysterious fluid that can easily be converted into many useful things!

You can obtain Element 84 from Mineral Oil (extracted from Copper Ore).

With your tanks full of Element 84 you can choose to convert it into (Yes, you guessed it!) Liquid Science or ores like Iron, Copper, Sulfur, even Uranium.
Or simply craft it into its Solid form and use it as a long burning fuel compacted in to tasty white cubes.
The liquid form of Science allows for alternate way of storage and distribution around your base, and obviously you can craft it into science packs.

Making Liquid Science requires additional fluids and materials.

Element 84 does NOT convert into Space Science because... its Space Science.

As a bonus, you can use the Element 84 Chemical Plant to squeeze some Coal Sludge and produce Crude Oil from it! You will also need Coal Sludge to make Liquid military Science. Plant can also be use to extract early light and Heavy Oil and produce small amounts of Lubricant.

Few IMPORTANT notes: I never made this mod with any form of "balance" in mind, just as an alternative way of making things, and to learn how Factorio modding works.

The Element 84 is heavily inspired by two mods that I've been using lately -
Liquid Ore Conversion by Cyfagy and Liquify Science and Big Lab by DellAquila ‚Äď
Thank You both for the fun mods and inspiration.

I'm sure there are many things that can be adjusted, especially ratios, if you like Element 84 please leave some feedback.

The Element 84 Chemical Plant is a separate entity, but it uses Factorio default Chem Plant visuals, as I have no clue how to make my own building... yet.
The element 84 should not conflict with any mods, or change the base game. It should work as a completely optional, separate branch of doing things.

If you find any conflicts, I will try to make it work. Have fun!