Itemized Nuclear

This adds in new items and buildings that try to mimic vanila nuclear power as close as posible but uses items instead of fluids and heat pipes.

2 months ago
2 months ago
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1.2.1 (2 months ago)
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Adds new nuclear power components that will use items instead of heat pipes and fluid pipes with the hope of reducing lag when scaling up reactor designs

The new reactor takes in fuel cells and cold heat exchanger ingots and warms them up.
The new heat exchanger takes in barrels of water, charged heat exchanger ingots, and steam canisters and will empty out the water chill the ingots, and fill the steam canisters
A second heat exchanger that takes in water (not barreled), charged heat exchanger ingots, and steam canisters
lastly the new turbines take in steam canisters to make power and spit out the empty steam canisters

The neighbor bonus is implemented by having the reactor crafting time both speed up (to around 200/ (reactor amount + total bonuses)) and also having the craft have a chance to give back the fuel cell instead of consuming it (the chances is [1- (reactor amount / [reactor amount + total bonuses] ) ]) which scaling up will go to a 3/4 chance to get the fuel back
Let me know if you have a better way of mimicking the neighbor bonus

There are also options in the settings to change around what size of reactors are created by the mod. both a running amount from 2x1 to 2xn and a setting to create a single larger reactor.
Also for those who want to play around with it, you can change how many heat ingots get heated up per craft, due note that this will affect other areas as well.